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So I have decided to make a commitment to try to find new ways to add fiber into my diet.

Maybe I should clarify, ways to add fiber that do not make me gag, cause tummy distress or taste like I am being punished for trying to be healthy.

I have tried flaxseed, which I do love, however when I have more than 3 TB of flaxseed meal my tummy starts a revolution.  Chia seed is also a good option.

But today I am talking about Hempseed.  I went out to the local grocery store and began my hunt.  I located a bag that said Hemp Hearts not only  was it all fiber(1 carb, 1 fiber per TB, which means 0 net carbs) but it is also a good source of Omega 3 & 6.  Bonus!!

So slowly I began trying my new find.  So far I have tried it in my yogurt, protein shakes, and puddings.

The verdict????????

Where has this sweet gem been all my life?  It looks like Quinoa, but has a soft, nutty taste. Fiber has never tasted so good.

It is even good enough to just eat by the handful.

I would say if you are looking for a delicious way to get in your Omega and Fiber try some hemp hearts.

It’s naturally delicious!  (Be honest you sang that part didn’t you?)




So a while back I posted a link for a free sample of YUP  bars, within 3 days I recieved my samples of 2 bars.

With my dad being in the hospital I threw them into my bag.

I have tried them.

Ok the breakdown, even though the Jammin bar was higher in carbs it reminded me of a Nutrigrain breakfast bar.  It was good and it kept a bar shape.  It was soft and chewy.  It was very good.

The next one was the Chocolate chip B-UP bar, which is low carb.  I had gone to swim class and left my bar inside my gym bag.  After swimming, I reached in to get my bar…UM….yeah the bar shape was no longer and was now in the shape of a semi-crumpled ball.  I was kinda disappointed but determined to try it.  I bit into it.  The taste was gritty and not as sweet as a Quest bar.

Now I like sweet, I like the bar to remain in a bar shape and most of all I don’t want to feel like I have residual sand residing in my teeth.  For these reasons, my favorite was and still is the reigning champ, Quest.

But for it being free, Yup does earn bonus points.  You know I am curious though.

GUYS, and with guys I mean males, what do you look for in a bar?  Do you like the sweetness.  I am curious that maybe this not as sweet bar is perhaps more perferred by men as opposed to the sweet bars by us ladies.





I live in Michigan where we have about 5 months of cold and snow.

I have never noticed that my body burns any more fat from being outside playing in the snow vs jus regular exercise.

I know ice helps sore muscles, as it reduces swelling.

I feel that if this was true I would have not been a chubby child, that during winter months all the fat would have just been gone.  But it is winter time when I actually put on the most weight.  I call it my hibernation factor.  LOL

Has anyone actaully tried this and had good results?

Sometimes I feel that they just put stupid stories on the internet and giggle at the thought that people actually try it.