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This was being talked about on my low carb social media sites.

I had always been a user of Breyer’s Carb Smart ice cream.  Let’s face it for the price it’s duable..but my curiosity got stroked when people kept mentioning this and saying how good it was.  

I went to my local Kroger store..looked for it and got my favorite flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Yes this is good.  A little bit of ice milk quality, but the flavor was fanominal.  But the more important part, as much as I like Breyers, it triggers my cravings..  Halo did not do that.  I was able to have my 1/2 cup portion and be satisfied.  

Now Breyer 48 ounces is the same price as Halos pint.  Yes, you get 3x more Breyer’s than Halo, however, Halo doesn’t cost me any unwanted cravings for sugar.

This definitely is a quality over quantity lesson in life.  

I wanna go back and get more to try now. 

I wonder if they send out coupons.  


So see I have a tablet for surfing the internet and one bigger size tablet just for writing, which meant it had no Facebook. twitter, messenger, etc. downloaded on it, so I wouldn’t get those pesky notifications when I was trying to write.

Well on that writing tablet not only was my personal writings, but access to my blog as well.

3 months ago my writing tablet decided that his life could no longer go on so he died. the worst thing to happen to a writer, in fact.

I had to wait until I got funds so I could buy a new replacement.  That day finally came and I purchased a laptop.

So here I am again back to my blog.  Oh how I have missed you.

so what has happened in the last 3 months?  Not much…besides going insane lol..

I finally won my disability case and now I can properly care for myself.

I have still been doing my self rehabilitation, thanks to my aquatic center.  Best investment, well after this laptop, in my life.

Its so weird that last time I wrote it was so hot outside and now here we are in the midst of fall.  I feel like so much more has happened but yet my mind is drawing a blank.

I have not needed my disability meds to be adjusted, which is good as my body has finally adjusted to the medications being in my body…so I went full force into caring for myself, I got my exercise (again I love the pool), I am on my low carb diet, I am watching my calories, no eating after 8pm, and one day a week and one week a month(shark week) I increase my carbs and calories just a tad, so I go from 20 net carbs up to 25.  Hey, I know my body and I know shark week is a beast of insatiable cravings.

As of August 17th I took control of my life, my body; once again I was in control.  Not the doctors.  Not the medication.  Not the disability.  But ME. I was in control.

So as of August 17th I have lost 30 pounds.

I am pretty happy with the results thus far, I gotta say.  Its easy to say I wish I had lost more, but why do that.   Why set yourself up to fail.

Be happy with what you have and where you have come from. Don’t wish for more than you have or else you will soon have nothing.

If you start wanting more, you will be risking more and possibly causing irreversible damage. Don’t harm your body trying to attain a fantasy or else your body will not support you when you need it to.  Live in the reality; where being happy with your daily progress is what matters.  You are not in a competition, you are on a journey for better health so you are walking this planet for even longer to experience many more of these beautiful autumn days.