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Love it and so true..



So a week afterI wrote them for the seond time and 2 months after I won, I finally recieved my second half of the prize pack arrived.

Don’t get me wrong..I was incredibly excited that it finally came, however, in the box there was no packing list nor a “congratulations” type note, which was kinda disappointing.  Deep down I truly wanted a confirmation type letter from them congartulating me on my recipe winning. Something for future endeavors to say hey I won that with my very own recipe.

I will enjoy my winnings, so far I enjoyed the Atkikns Endulge dark chocolate fudge bars, they don’t cause any issues, but I have yet to find them at stores near me. In the pack is a package of the new Atkins Lift bars and drinks.  Which I have been wanting to try.

The problem I have with most of the of the Atkin products, which is why I usually don’t eat them in the first place due to the issue, is that it activates my craviings as if I consumed sugar, pasta or bread.  Why did I enter the contest then you may be wondering, I wanted to see if my recipe was good enough…and it was!

Does anyone else experience that issue with certain low carb foods?  That it activates your cravings.