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You can do what you put your mind to..No excuses!

You see someone running a 5K and you want to run, but you feel you can’t.

You see someone gracefully dancing and wishing you could dance like that, but you believe you can’t.

You see a toned person lifting 50 pounds, you wished you could look like that but you can’t lift weights.

Guess what when these people started they weren’t able to do it either.  The results you are seeing started someplace.

Just like a child learninig to walk, it starts out with tiny steps and progresses each time.

When you see someone, you do no tknow their story.  You are destroying yourself by seeing their results without knowing their journey.

If you saw the runner starting out at 350 pounds and not able to  steadily run for even 2 minutes, would you still be feeling so envious right now.

If you saw the dancer starting her journey heavily breathing and falling on all her turns, would you still be jealolus?

If you saw that toned person at the beginning of her journey lifting only 11 pound weights, would you even have given her a second thought?

Truth is everyone starts their journey for the same reason to be a better version of who they were, wether it is to behealthier, stronger, more flexible they wanted to be better.

And to be better they all started their journey with a belief.  The belie that yes they CAN.

No one starts out being an atheletic runner, a skilled dancer, or a well toned weight lifter;  it takes tiny steps and small goals to make the big goal a reality.

You think you can, guess what…YOU CAN!



Growing up I have always heard the phrase, “No pain, no gain”.  It was often referred to working out, referring that you need to feel pain to know that you were burning calories.  If it didn’t hurt then you didn’t work right, so you continued to execise and push yourself until you could feel the “Burn” aka pain.

What dodo actually came up with that philosphy and of course everyone else who followed that philosphy, like me, the dodo folllowers.

When you feel pain it’s the way of your body screaming “OUCH, STOP IT!  You are doing something wrong.  You’re damamging me”.

When you feel pain you are suppose to stop not continue on.

There is a difference when working through a tightness or a stiff muscle, but when it hurts STOP!!!

A little  soreness is expected when you workout, but pain is not nor should be an expected result.

This is a hard lesson that I am still learning and it is still so hard to get that years of reinforced training out of my head.

I have took it upon myelf to do my own rehabalitation, I go to the local pool.  I try to push myself everyday to see what I can and can’t do.  I will do something and it will hurt, instantly my mind thinks, “Oh, just keep going; you can work through it.” Then my mind counterstrikes, “No, you are having pain.  STOP!”

I have to float in the pool as my mind battles it out with itself, this can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes.  Believe me it could last longer but the pool is only open for a limited time frame.

Soreness can result a day or two after your workout, and sometimes even five days.  Why??  Your body is still sore days after your workout becuase doing your workout you cause microscopic tears into the muscles.  DON’T PANIC, these tears are normal and a natural part of the normal growing process which leads to increased muscle strength, once repaired. The soreness is actually the healing process that your muscles are doing to repair the tears.  This process causes you to feel sore: a dull, slightly uncomfortable ache in your muscles.

Pain on the other hand, is very uncomfrortable.  Oten it is a sharp, stabbing, shooting sensation in your bones, joints and/or muscles.

When you exercise and you feel:

  • Sudden and severe pain with or with out swelling(as some swelling may be where you can’t see.  For example, you hurt your back, you can’t neccassirly see the swelling in your verterbae, but it does not mean that the sweeling is not there).
  • Extreme tenderness or extreme weakness in a limb
  •  The inability to place your weight through a limb, like a leg, foot, arm or wrist
  •  Numbness or tingling
  • The inability to move a joint through the full range of motion
  • Also feeling any of these symptoms in other un-exercised parts of your body(AKA referred pain), for example feeling low back pain from doing abdominal exercises (you may be peforming an improper form, so why would you want to continue).


Then STOP!!!!  You are in pain, do not go forward, do not pass go.  STOP!!

Listen to your body.  If it is sore,  Then RICE…Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate.

If you are in pain, then STOP, drop and roll your butt to a doctor.

Also Remember, Pain does not mean you end your journey…It is just a minor stall in one componenet that you will overcome.

I am under doctor’s care for my pain, but I am figuring out other things that I can do.

And so my journey continues………








Life has a way to deter us from our goals.  So much so that we get distracted and forget ourselves for a while.

Have you ever just had days where you felt like a zombie walking from place to place, you are mindless to what you ae doing and putting into your mouth.  You know you need to eat, but do you remember to eat healthy?

It happens.

Do you place a time limit on your goal?

If you do what happens when you don’t meet that deadline?

Does setting a exact time to complete a journey set you up to disappointment and failure if you do not met that goal by that time?

The thing to remember is there is no time that you need to be complete in your journey, just as long as you continue on it.

If you need to rest, then rest don’t over do what at this time your body can’t handle.  Like don’t run a marathon if you haven’t tried running around the block.



It takes bravery and strength to take that first step and determination to keep the steps going.

Keep going as You never know who you could be inspiraing to take that first step.

It takes one person to make a difference, as sooner or later that one person is no longer alone as they are joined by others who are looking up to them.


I used to be so afraid starting things along my journey.

At first, I was afraid to work out in front of others.  Oh my what would people say if they saw me; an extremely overweight woman busting out of her shorts and tops working out in the same room as them.

Truth was, I was already invisioning negative comments as that was what I had gotten my whole life. That caused me to not go out, however, I was doing an in service.  Not just to myself but to anyone else who I could have inspired to take that same first step.

When it came to me using a walker, I was skiddish to use it out and about.  After all I am only 43 and in reality, I fall below the average age of walker users. But I began using it as I want to be a representation out there an inspiation to others that my disability nor my walker will hold me back.

When it comes down to negativity, it doesn’t matter what others say to you.  All that matters is what you believe and say to yourself.


Have fun and just dance like no one is watching.

If someone is watching just ask them to join along.

Some of my best days are days I let loose and act like a child again

The carefree days of swinging, going down a slide, jump rope even just playing catch off a building.

So take some moments and throw some enjoyment into your day.



This month has not been the kindest to our family yet.

My Dad’s COPD flared up so he was admitted into the hopsital for a few days.  I think they undercut his stay but he was also anxious to leave.

My asthma was flared up and was put on antibiotics and steriods.

But as protocol when dad goes into hospital I pull out all the stops and sterilize the home:  where he sat, his breathing apparatuses, clothes, linens, the bathroom, kitchen, etc..

It is now the second week of April and we are under a snow cover.  It looks like dad may have to return for a stint at the nearest medical resort for a mini vacation.

This month I have have bouts of just feeeling drained.

Have you ever just felt so stressed and drained that all you want to do is sleep, lay around watching movies while snacking?

What motivates you to push on?

When you know you need to keep on track, what actually helps you to convince yourself to do so?

I continued on my track, went to my swim therapy classes for exercises and on weigh in day I saw a 2 pound loss.

I am trying to transition…hmm..maybe transition is not the right word…I am trying to become an emotional exerciser.  When the stress get rough, then I get tough.