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Sometimes we forget when we does things that our actions truly do speak louder than words and you never know who is watching and taking notes following our lead.

You could be influencing someone and not even realize it, however, YOU are the one that decides are you being a good influence?

Would you recommend someone to follow your lead? If not, then why are you doing it?



What excuse will you give to your Creator, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, on the Day of Judgement? The One who blessed you with 24 hours, yet only asked that you spend about 30 minutes a day for prayer. The Prophet * said, “On the Day of Resurrection the feet of the son of Adam will not move away till he is questioned about five matters: on what he spent his life; in doing what he made his youth pass away; where he acquired his property, and on what he spent it; and what he did regarding what he knew.” The human that has no connection with the Almighty helplessly seeks an alternative and leaves no stone unturned looking for calmness and bliss. It, however, searches in vain, wandering aimlessly. Allah says: “ And whoever turns away from My remembrance – indeed for him is a life of hardship. And We will raise him on the Day of Resurrection, blind. He will say, “My Lord, why have you raised me blind while I was (once) seeing?” (God) will say, “Thus did Our signs come to you, and you forgot (disregarded) them; and thus will you, this Day, be forgotten.” Qur’an 20:124-6 Remember also that You are only harming yourself God Almighty Allah doesn’t need your prayer. Allah doesn’t need anything from anyone-Glory be to Him. It is you that stands in need of His mercy. “Give thanks to Allah, and whoever gives thanks, it is only for his own soul’s good, and whoever is ungrateful, surely Allah is Free of all needs, Worthy of all praise.” Qur’an 31:12. #peace #prayer #dua #God #Allah #salat #Islam #Muslim #Quran #happiness #happiest #loveGod #purposedriven #purposeoflife

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I have been saying how I have been overdoing things and I needed to take a rest, however it never seemed the right time to rest as I have so much that needs to be done and that I need to just do, I hate just sitting around doing nothing, being unproductive.

Yep, I have the stubborn streak, I inherited it from my daddy.

Well, God decided to take matters into his own hands.

Yesterday as I was weeding my garden trying to get it done before the upcoming rain.  So quickly as possible I was weeding and trimming back the other plants that have run their course for the season.

I step over to move to the corner of my landscaping, almost done when I feel a sharp poke I lift up my foot and see a bee flutter in the grass.

I hobble into the house to the bathroom to run my foot under cold water, carefully as not to put pressure on the pad of my foot under my toes as that is where it hurt.

As the water ran over the foot I felt the poison of the stinger in the bones of my two toes, the two next to the big toe.  Throb throb throb. It felt like the poison was coursing through the bones.  I broke my foot before and this is what it exactly felt like.

I was able to remove the stinger, which is a huge plus.  I can not put pressure on my foot.  I iced the area yesterday and have been treating it with Benadryl.  My toes are still swollen and can’t flex my toes, but at least I did not wind up in the hospital..small miracle.  So today its a regimen of foot up, ice, Benadryl and repeat.  Still no pressure on front of foot.

So lesson is when you don’t take the time needed for yourself to rest and not overdo things, GOD will make sure you have no choice but to take time to relax. Just His way usually is more painful, so lessons are learned and remembered.

*UPDATE*  After only 3 hours I was going stir crazy and was experiencing cabin fever.  I had to get out, so I decided to do more weeding.  I was not outside for 10 minutes and the sun disappeared, its got dark and it just down poured.

Lol…so back inside I now am, ice back on foot and I am searching my files posting stuff.

Told you I have a stubborn streak, but God knows that he created me with it!

Do you ever picture God just slapping his hand to his forehead saying, “What else do I need to do to get it through her head”: Stay in and RELAX!!


Ok it happens, you didn’t mean for it to happen, but there it was admist your planned out day of meals a tempting sweet morsel.  An item that you hadn’t had in such a long time, which only makes it look that much more delectable.  Before you can think about what you are doing you have already swallowed one and possibly many more of its friends.

It happens, you work with many people and someone is bound to bring in treats and leave them sitting out in the break room, or at their desk, which is right in eye-sight of yours.

In life we get many temptations, sometimes we may act upon it, sometimes we are strong enough to resist and walk away.  If you are able to walk away without accepting defeat, then pat yourself on the back, Great Job!!!  For those that were beaten, don’t let it destroy you.  It was a mistake, and you know why we make mistakes?  To learn, to build strength so that next time we are stronger and can resist the temptation.  Don’t let one mistake make you feel like a failure and quit what you have been fighting so hard for.  Definitely don’t throw away your day after just one mishap.  You can still stay on track for the rest of the day, why add more damage by destroying your whole day that stemmed from only one moment of weakness?

My favorite saying is: Yes, Tomorrow is a new day, however, Today is not over either, so why wait.

What is your favorite saying that helps to keep you focus to get back on track and not destroy yourself more?


So the third week just ended.  My color was PINK!

So lets seemyy week getting the color in worked as such:

Sunday: Medium rare steak kebobs

Monday: Raspberry Vanilla Protein Shake

Tuesday:  Fried radishes

Wednesday: Broiled Salmon with Cajun seasoning and some shrimp(double the pleasure)

Thursday: 1/2 Pink Grapefruit

Friday: Hebrew National Beef Hot Dogs

Saturday:  Watermelon

How did your third week go?