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When you fall off, what good does it do to stay off?
Get back on the path and you can do it, you have learned from your mishap.



Yesterday I was licking my plate clean and as I was doing so I wondered does anyone else do this?  My whole reasoning behind being a clean plate follower was that I measure and count all nutritional values for my food, if I have already counted it I am going to make sure I lick each and every morsel, whether it be a plate, spoon, bowl, fingers, cup, etc.  I will get every drip inside my mouth.

Then when I started feeling bad that maybe doing such was making me a glutton, I saw this Sunnah.

Hard to fight logic, I can still lick my plate and know that I should not feel self conscious over licking after the food is eaten as I should feel blessed that I am fortunate enough to have such the chance.