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Your furry baby begins to resemble a carb.  



Even though when I look up the definition, DRUG is described as any substance other than food, that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin or dissolved under the tongue causes a physiological change in the body.

However, when you eat can you not experience  physicological changes?

To explore this better, how exactly is physicolgical changes defined?  Physicological changes are changes that effect the actions of  normal functioning to a living organism.

Have you never eaten a ood that kinda took over the normal functions of your body?

I know when I eat bread or psta, its causes me to experience abnormal and intense hunger.  Something that normally should not be occurring, you should not eat and then within a short period of time is hungry again.

If food is not classified as a drug, why is it we experience “withdrawal” symptoms when we eliminate the wrong foods from our diet?

When you elimainate caffeine, sugar, white four, we experience headaches, lethargy, mood changes, nausea, intense cravings, you feel like you have the flu and swear you are not going to make it. Some people experience tremors.  These symptoms last a few days and you can begin your new healthy lifestyle.

Now reading through those withdrawal symptoms that I just listed, do you realize that you would experience those same exact symptoms if you were withdrawaling from herion, vicodin or cocaine?

Addicts usually turn to drugs to escape emotional pain and life’s stressors.

What do we as emotional eaters turn to to escape our emotional pain and stress?

In fact, the word drug is not a bad term until it is in reference to overuse beyond what it is meant for.

Food is meant to fuel us only when we are hungry, but many of us have gone far and beyond and used food to comfort us, to help us cope with stressful events, to escape, to celebrate, to find an unconditional love and unhealthy attachment to.  Instead of eeding our body we began feeding out emotions, feeling, mental state.

So if you can use food like how you  could use a drug…why is it that only one is considered “dangerous to our health?”



Have you ever had a place that you went to that instantly you just felt hungry?

Like literally you could hve just eaten a full course meal and you go to this place and *BAM* it happens, you are walking around in a daze, starving, searching for food as you suddenly feel your energy has been zapped beyond the point of depletion.

This happens to me and the place is my brother’s home.

Recently I had the task of puppy sitting my little brother’s 2 furry babies, a pug and a bull terrier.

Usuallty when I go to his house and he is there I can spend hours upon hours without even a thought of food popping into my head.

I went and spent time with the puppies, feeding them, playing with them, taking them outside, watching a movie with them as they sat on my lap.  My time as well as all my movements were well occupied by the balls of fur.

But everyday I went to the home after I ate and everytime I was overwhelmed by this extreme hunger and need to just eat.

I can’t think of a really good reason why, I definitely was not bored.  I was not really hungry.  The only thing I could think of was that my brother was not a low carber and his house had the fixings of a full blown carb addicts dream.  On top of his ridge, were bags after bags of different chips; Doritoes, Tostitioes, pita chips, potato chips, etc.  In the fridge he had pop, tortillas, wraps, bread.  In the freezer there was ice cream, ice cream sandwhiches, mufins, tv dinners.

It’s like when I walk into the home my senses all go into a carb induced state, kinda like a contact buzz from just being in the same room, even without actually ingesting the stuff.

So I know have hidden a bag in my brother’s closet full of low carb, sugar free treats.  My note inside states:”This bag belongs to Carrie  It is her low carb survival kit for visits.  If you feel so inclined to eat this, be forewarned that your are eating sugar free and if you do so, it is at your own risk.  The outcomes may not be what you expect but I assure you they will never be forgotten.”





It is ok in fact I am in favor of rewarding yourself for weight loss, but that reward should NEVER be food…Food is what got us into this health problem of craving unhealthy junk thus FOOD should no longer have a control over us and that includes using it as a reward.

We had a hard time breaking that behavioral conditioning we grew up on.