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I eat cheese with my breakfast, my lunch and dinner.  Cheese goes with anything and definitely makes my meal taste better.

I just make sure to portion it and not have more than 4 oz in a day.




Make my bacon turkey though.

I need a guy who not only understands this, but understands and supports my WOE lifestyle.


Just because you treat yourself to a vacation, that does not mean you get to treat your body with crap food.  You worked to hard to get healthy.

You took a vacation to benefit your mental, emotional as well as physical and sometimes spiritual health.  You did not take a vacation from your eating.

You entered this lifestyle for a lifetime, not for a season.  If you need a vacation from your eating than you are doing something wrong.

Recheck yourself!

Is your heart and mindset really into being healthy for the long term?

Are you thinking about unhealthy carbs?

Here is what I want you to do when you are dreaming of junk carbs: How can I make a low carb replacement for that.

Always be open to creating your own low carb version.  Because truth is you can.  Pancakes, muffins, donuts, cakes, cookies, pasta, bread, ice cream, etc…  They all can be made in a  low carb way.



Now you can have the best intentions in this WOL.  Eating right and exercising.  But what happens when something keeps happening and pulling you off your path on this journey?

This past week I stubbed my toe resulting in the loss of my nail.  I jammed my finger into a chair leaving me unable to use my right hand.  I got bit by something that resulted in my foot having a rash at the bite site and swollen foot, it  hurt to wiggle my toes and it was so tender to walk on my foot.  I was walking outside I saw a puddle and thought, “I need to watch the puddle so I don’t get wet.”  as soon as I thought that, I had lost my balance and fell right into the puddle.  My clothes, shoes, purse, hair was full of mud.  My elbow and knee were scrapped up and bleeding.  I was making my coffee when I couldnt lift my foot, up the step that led into the kitchen and I dropped my glass carafe  shattering it all over the floor, luckily i only cut my foot once on a missed shard of glass. To end my week on a high note.  I sliced my thumb, so deeply and badly that I almost cut the tip off.  Here I was cutting asparagus when my hand decided to have a jerking tremor.  *SLICE*

So due to my ummm..unfortunate accidents.  I was unable to go to the pool for my exercise.  I  think that hurt more than any of the injuries.

It would have been easy to say, “I think these are signs telling me not to work out.”  But then where would I be?

God allows us to experience a journey, actually many different journeys, but each journey has a hurdle or two or more.  As I see it, a hurdle is placed there by the devil, but under God’s guidance.  God knows the hurdle is placed there and its like a competition between God and the Devil.  God has faith that you will overcome the hurdle, the devil hopes you don’t and that you give up.   So how you handle the hurdle is up to you, God wills it to happen but the decision of how you overcome it is all YOU.  God doesn’t set out to make you feel like a failure,  that is all the devil’s work.

It would have been easy to just be mad at the world and not do anything, at all or anymore.

When I was able to put weight on my foot I began to just walk.  I got my walker and slowly I walked down the driveway and as far as I could go down the street, taking breaks when I needed to.

My thumb, thankfully, is alsmost healed to the point of being able to be sealed by putting some New Skin, the liquid bandage, over the wound so that I can get back into the pool.

I continued my healthy eating, I adjusted my exercise routine and I still lost some weight this week.

Be a wine to others’ lemonade, let them look at you in bewilderment .  Let them sit and wonder how you had so many hurdles, but yet they never stopped you on your journey.  Most people expecct you to fail, but the only person you need to believe that you will succeed is YOU!

When a road has one of those big wooden “ROAD CLOSED” sign, what do you do?  Do you just sit there, stopped in your tracks; just staring at the blocakade?  No! You find a way to get around it so you get to your final destination, your goal.




Today is my birthday.  I am so excited.  This will be the first year that the annual local town carnival/festival has their last day parade on my birthday.  On my birthday, oh in my mind, it will feel like a parade just for me, celebrating my birthday.  LOL, *but that is our little secret*  😉

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always baked what the birthday person wanted for their choice of cake.  She would bake the cake, put candles in the top and light them as everyone else sang, “Happy Birthday”.

My brother and dad, they always chose their favorite German Chocolate.  When it was my mom’s birthday I would make her a German Chocolate cake.

But when it came to my birthday, I was the oddball.  I didn’t want German Chocolate, nor vanilla, nor rainbow or sprinkles.  I didn’t want frosting on my choice either.

In fact, I didn’t want a typical cake at all.  I wanted strawberry shortcake, which was made with a bisquick sweet biscuit.   Now it’s not the norm for a birthday, in fact, how do you really put candles on a tiny cake topped with strawberries and cool whip.   You really can’t.  You just have a candle or a numeral candle…but every year my mom would make it for me without hesitation and of course extras for everyone else to enjoy.

Since my mom passed, the birthday celebrations have changed.  In fact, all traditions, holidays and celebrations have changed. I tried to carry on traditions but thy are not the same and now that my brother has also passed, traditions are nearly nonexistent.

But this year, I will make my Strawberry Shortcake. I will enjoy every bite of it.  I will use my stevia, I will by some Reddi Whip(come on admit it…it tastes better than the Cool Whip, however..Cool Whip now has sugar free…hmm I may have to reconsider my options and how many carbs are in each.  I know Reddi Whip does have sugar in it.)  But I will make some low carb sweet biscuits.  Oh my, my mouth is salvating already.

So my question for you is this:  When it’s your birthday, do you stay on plan or treat it as a freebie day?


You know when I find freebies I always share with you all.  So here we go!

Premier Protein is once again having a giveaway of their product.

While supplies last you can choose a bar or a shake.

This giveaway is only good one per person, but 2 per household.

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So last month on May 1st, 2016.  I won the Atkins Recipe contest for my Zucchini Latkes.  Around MAy 10th, I recieved a package of Atkins merchandise.  I look throughfully through the package and the picture is all I found.  The amount of such merchandise only reached a mere $48, a way off of the $95 prize package I was promised for winning.  I patiently waited thinking I would be sent anther package or perhaps coupons for products via snail mail.  I received nothing else.

So on May 25th, I wrote to Atkins stating that I believe half of my package was missing and left somewhere at the warehouse.  I recieved a reply stating that oh yes there was an error and that I would be sent out another package right away.

So anxiously I waited..and waited…and my excitement slowly turned to disappointing sadness.

June 20th I again rewrote Atkins stating that I have not yet recieved the second delivery.  I am kinda bummed cuz I had been anticipating its arrival, but it’s now almost been a month since notificiation of the error and we are coming up on 2 months since winning the contest.  I am confused as to what is occurring, I know the address is correct as I recieved the first installment.

I can see that my message was read on Tuesday the 21st.  It is Thursday and I have not yet recieved a response or even them acknowledging the message in any way, even though I can tell when it was read.

Last time they responded within a day of me sending in my message.  As they state on their site and messenger that they typically reply within a few hours.

I am kinda feeling ignored as if they do not appreciate me as their customer since I won the merchandse versus me actually paying for it.

At the current moment I am kinda bummed with Atkins, so much that my patronage to them in the future is in jeopardy.  I was hoping that when I won they would send me a little Congratulations note about winning one of their contests, (which as a future cookbook writer would come in handy when marketing my book) but more so I was looking forward to getting my total prize worth without me having to grovel for them to send my prize.

I am feeling really bummed.  I am not recommending Atkins to anyone at this time as it seems they really are not caring about their clientele.  The product is good but their service and loyality to customers do not make it worth my while to continuing to support them through me buying their products.

You know they can spend all their money to have celebrities endorse them but what they  need to be spending their money on is caring about the common non celebrities as their word and recommendations mean more.  Do you think Atkins has fogotten to send Alyssa Milano or Sharon Osbourne their products?  Heck no, that is their top priority.  But guess what I didn’t eat Atkins because of those two, I started using them as they fit me on this WOE lifestyle and others following this lifestyle gave recommendations.  I started buying the products before even becoming a follower of the Atkins Merchandise and Site.  But this experience definitely has tainted my taste for them.

Turns out that while I am declared a winner, they are showing themselves as a loser at the same time.  I supposedly won their contest and $95 worth of product, but yet they failed to fill their obligation after two requests, making them the loser.

If I could give my word of advice: I would tell people do not buy their products, especially via online from their company, but also do not enter any of their contests as they are failing to fulfill their oblligations to the winners.



Warning you are entering the Construction Zone:

Please excuse the lanes being closed down to one and the cones set up to help avoid the potholes along my journey.

If you decide to travel my path with me, expect it to be long with a few bumps along the way, but know that I shall not get deviated from my voyage.

I ain’t going to lie, I may need your help in case my vehicle breaks down.  I am going to say that I may need your assistance.  There may come a time where I will need your support to help hold up the body as I add the proper fuel to get me going again and for you to feed my spirit and soul with postive and helpful words of wisdom.

If you can’t provide me with roadside assistance after I contact you when I swerve off the path, then I don’t need your service at all.

I am unsure how long the construction will last, but I assure you the final project with be utterly breathtaking and cause others to want to go on the same path.