I have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember.  Childhood was not easy for me and my best friend was the refrigerator.  Well it always lit up when its arms would open up to embrace me.  He offered me the best of food when I was sad, angry, depressed, lonely, excited and even happy.  But having a refrigerator as a friend was boring, he never wanted to go out and was cold towards me.
I was on diets on and off for years, decades, even a quarter of a century.  However, I often got discouraged and wound up gaining more than I lost.  I am familiar with many diet fads: cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, the shake diets; slim-fast, Columbia, smoothies, pill, etc.  But that is all they were, a fad, an unhealthy quick way to temporarily lose weight.  I needed something that would last the long haul, for the rest of my life.
When I began my journey, only to discover that I had an intolerance to gluten.  So now not only was I eating low carb, but now I had to eat gluten free.  Then just when you think that was a hard enough combination when shopping, in October 2010, I said my Shahada and proclaimed Islam as my faith.  Then my way of eating became, low carb, gluten free and halal.  Try shopping with all those requirements.  I visit our local markets and I ask what do you sell that is low carb, gluten free and halal.  I just stand there and watch as the cashier’s eyes roll.  Basically, I have to lay it all out when I visit our local halal shop, I tell them I am low carb and gluten free and explain that sometimes the meat my be low carb but is covered in a sauce or spice that contains wheat gluten.
So here I am, a little over 4 years on my low carb, gluten free and halal journey. In 2010, I was almost tipping the scales at 400 pounds.  400, that is a huge number.  You know what 400 is? A Welch pony weighs 400 pounds, that’s 4 bloodhounds, the size of an average bear is 400 pounds.  I lost 165 pounds in my journey.  165 pounds, that is one average adult woman and an automobile tire.  I lost off my knees and my back, a woman and her spare tire.  Phew, so glad to have that lady off my back, I tell you.
So looking at the following chart, what do you weigh?  How much do you want to lose or have lost?
Things that weigh 1 pound= A package of butter (with four sticks); A football; A package of bacon; A box of brown sugar; Three medium-sized bananas; A guinea pig; A shoe
Things that weigh 2 pounds= A pineapple; A Malayan Flying Fox
Things that weight 3 pounds= A human brain; A two-slice toaster; A steam iron; A can of Crisco shortening
Things that weigh 5 pounds= A Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker ; A bag of sugar; A two-liter bottle of soda; A chihuahua
Things that weigh 9 pounds= A gallon of homogenized milk
Things that weigh 10 pounds= A large bag of potatoes; A six-foot aluminum step ladder; An adult Maltese dog
Things that weigh 11 pounds= An average housecat
Things that weigh 15 pounds= A 19-inch flat screen TV; A bowling ball; A Medium bag of dog food; 10 dozen large eggs
Things that weigh 20 pounds = An automobile tire; A karoke machine
Things that weigh 25 pounds = An average 2 year old
Things that weigh 33 pounds = A cinder block
Things that weigh 36 pounds = A mid-size microwave
Things that weigh 40 pounds = A 5-gallon bottle of water; An average human leg
Things that weigh 50 pounds = A small bale of hay
Things that weigh 55 pounds = A 5000 BTU air conditioner
Things that weigh 60 pounds = An elephants penis
Things that weigh 70 pounds = An Irish Setter
Things that weigh 77 pounds = A gold brick
Things that weigh 90 pounds = A newborn calf
Things that weigh 100 pounds = A 2 month old horse
Things that weigh 118 pounds = The complete Encyclopedia Britannica
Things that weigh 120 pounds = The amount of trash you throw away in a month
Things that weigh130 pounds = A newborn giraffe
Things that weigh 144 pounds = An average adult woman (and shes 5’4½”)
Things that weigh 150 pounds = The complete Oxford English Dictionary
Things that weigh 187 pounds = An average adult man
Things that weigh 200 pounds = 2 Bloodhounds
Things that weigh 235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger
Things that weigh 300 pounds = An average football lineman
Things that weigh 400 pounds = A Welsh pony

Now after reading this, tell me this doesn’t give you some insight. For one, the weight you have been carrying around for so long and for another, how much your weight loss equals in terms of common objects.
Just Something to think about.


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