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This is why I don’t do a cheat day or meal.



If there is one thing to remember and take into the new year with you is that YOU were created to be VICTORIOUS!

We all have struggles and it is easy to just accept the struggle as a loss.

But a struggle is just that.

Something to overcome and show you and everyone just how  strong and determined you are.

You show everyone that it’s not pronounce IMPOSSIBLE, it’s pronouned I’M POSSIBLE.



So I am at the doctor’s ofice today looking at an old copy of a Cosmo magazine.  In the magazine is an article entitled, How to Get Get Naked in Front of Anyone.

The article discussed how there is two types of women:  Those who wouldn’t think twice about changing in ront of others and those who find it slightly mortifying.

Now the magazine focused mainly on women being indecent infront of other women.

But I know what class I fall into, I am definitely scared to dress in front of another woman.  Which in reality I shake my head as to why.

I mean its not like God gave them parts that I, myself don’t possess.  It’s not like I am running out in the streets butt naked.

I am talking about feeling comfortable enough with your girl friends or female family members.  Like why is it so easy to tell them your deepest darkest secrets but if you go clothes shopping you freeze at the thought of undressing in front of them?

What goes through your mind at that moment that scares you so much?

You are best buds, If you saw a nip slip from them, would it stop you from being friends?

Truth is everything you are thinking about being exposed, is just that, you are fully exposed, their is nothing more to hide or lie about.

Your friend is not going to unfriend you because you have a belly buldge bigger than hers or smaller.

Its just a body, a body that God has provided for us.  A body that does not define who were are.  All a body is, is a fleshy vessel that holds our greatest qualities.  A vessel.

Do you judge a friend by the house they live in or car that they drive?  I don’t, I judge them by their heart and actions.

So yes, undressing in front of a sister is scary, but only for the first time.  As you are totally open and exposed, you are vulernable, but in reality, I don’t think your friend is going to spend their time counting your rolls and folds as you do.  They are going to feel honored that you trust them so fully and unconditionally.

I you are scared of undressing in front of someone are you afraid to undress, alone,  in front of a mirror.

It more sounds like you are not comfortable with yourself in the first place and you need to be.  You need to be comfortable with what God has given you.

So spend some time standing naked in front of a mirror and truly looking at yourself.  Look at how beautiful you truly are. When you know your external beauty, it will make you want to take care of the internal beauty.