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Don’t be fooled.  I have been a long time supporter of Mission Bars, they were great to eat out of the wrapper and easy to cut up and bake to make cookies and cereal bites.  I was very happy with Muscle Tech’s Mission Bars, however, I ran out so I reordered my usual supply from Jet.com, I like Jet as you get discounts for the more you buy and you get a real low rate if you click the option not to return the item, which come on they are my favorite bars why would I return them?  So I ordered my Mission Cookies ‘n Crème, Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  When they arrived it was a *New & Improved* version of the bar unbeknownst to me and the seller the new bars are baked and are replacing the old version of Clean Protein Bars.  The new version is no longer made with Stevia and now has a higher sugar count.  I know for some that may not make a difference but for those doing restricted low carb the old bars net carb count of 5 compared to the new bars net carb count of 9 is a huge difference. That’s 4 extra carbs, that is literally a whole other meal that I could be enjoying instead of this bar.  If you go to Bodybuilding.com, they have reviews glorifying how great the new bar is, however, the old information is captioned by the new product and claims to have low carbs and sweetened with Stevia, which the new bars don’t even contain Stevia. (FALSE ADVERTISING)

Now lets get to the actual product, rip oven the package but heed cover and plug your nose or else you will be overwhelmed by the dog food like smell.  The bar itself is soft and stuck to the foil.  Yeah good luck prying remnants from the wrapper and your teeth.  The taste is nasty and takes a lot to just choke it down, oh and be careful, its made with sugar and Sucrose I was on the toilet with the runs after ingesting this bar and Sucrose triggers your sugar craving button as it is so adding more sugar atop of that…Just WOW. I actually gained weight from the higher sugar and sucrose combo.

I did give it a chance to redeem itself and tried to bake it as I had with the original bars.  DON’T DO IT.  They are Nastier baked in the oven.


The first picture is the nutrition count for the new & improved baked bars as pictured in photo 2.  the 3rd, 4th and last picture are all for the original version of the bars.

Muscle Tech should have been smart and offered both bars as options as I am sure some people do enjoy the new bars and some people are not as limited on their Carb intake as others but I am just going to stick with Quest, they are tasty, low carb, sweetened with stevia and I can cut them up to bake with them and make my tiny protein cookies and/or cereal bites.

*FYI MuscleTech don’t care if you do not like their product.  I messaged them on June 30th when I received the new bars.  They read it that day, actually read it within 15 minutes of me sending it, and the company has failed to respond to me at all.  I guess they are just happy that they received their share of the sales.  Its all about the all mighty dollar not customer satisfaction.  Such a shame as I will miss my Original Mission Bars, we have been through a lot together and I hope I can have continued success on my journey without you.

Quest Bars, I would like to give you a shout out and say Welcome to my Journey and take your seat right here next to me and hold on this is gonna be a bumpy ride.



Today I lost…wait..this week..lol, lets get that straight it was a week worth of effort not just one day that I lost 3 pounds.  

I am trying to stay updated with you guys but this is the busy time of the year for a jewelry designer as you know.  

Tis the season of gift making for gift giving..


This was being talked about on my low carb social media sites.

I had always been a user of Breyer’s Carb Smart ice cream.  Let’s face it for the price it’s duable..but my curiosity got stroked when people kept mentioning this and saying how good it was.  

I went to my local Kroger store..looked for it and got my favorite flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Yes this is good.  A little bit of ice milk quality, but the flavor was fanominal.  But the more important part, as much as I like Breyers, it triggers my cravings..  Halo did not do that.  I was able to have my 1/2 cup portion and be satisfied.  

Now Breyer 48 ounces is the same price as Halos pint.  Yes, you get 3x more Breyer’s than Halo, however, Halo doesn’t cost me any unwanted cravings for sugar.

This definitely is a quality over quantity lesson in life.  

I wanna go back and get more to try now. 

I wonder if they send out coupons.  


So see I have a tablet for surfing the internet and one bigger size tablet just for writing, which meant it had no Facebook. twitter, messenger, etc. downloaded on it, so I wouldn’t get those pesky notifications when I was trying to write.

Well on that writing tablet not only was my personal writings, but access to my blog as well.

3 months ago my writing tablet decided that his life could no longer go on so he died. the worst thing to happen to a writer, in fact.

I had to wait until I got funds so I could buy a new replacement.  That day finally came and I purchased a laptop.

So here I am again back to my blog.  Oh how I have missed you.

so what has happened in the last 3 months?  Not much…besides going insane lol..

I finally won my disability case and now I can properly care for myself.

I have still been doing my self rehabilitation, thanks to my aquatic center.  Best investment, well after this laptop, in my life.

Its so weird that last time I wrote it was so hot outside and now here we are in the midst of fall.  I feel like so much more has happened but yet my mind is drawing a blank.

I have not needed my disability meds to be adjusted, which is good as my body has finally adjusted to the medications being in my body…so I went full force into caring for myself, I got my exercise (again I love the pool), I am on my low carb diet, I am watching my calories, no eating after 8pm, and one day a week and one week a month(shark week) I increase my carbs and calories just a tad, so I go from 20 net carbs up to 25.  Hey, I know my body and I know shark week is a beast of insatiable cravings.

As of August 17th I took control of my life, my body; once again I was in control.  Not the doctors.  Not the medication.  Not the disability.  But ME. I was in control.

So as of August 17th I have lost 30 pounds.

I am pretty happy with the results thus far, I gotta say.  Its easy to say I wish I had lost more, but why do that.   Why set yourself up to fail.

Be happy with what you have and where you have come from. Don’t wish for more than you have or else you will soon have nothing.

If you start wanting more, you will be risking more and possibly causing irreversible damage. Don’t harm your body trying to attain a fantasy or else your body will not support you when you need it to.  Live in the reality; where being happy with your daily progress is what matters.  You are not in a competition, you are on a journey for better health so you are walking this planet for even longer to experience many more of these beautiful autumn days.






Today is my birthday.  I am so excited.  This will be the first year that the annual local town carnival/festival has their last day parade on my birthday.  On my birthday, oh in my mind, it will feel like a parade just for me, celebrating my birthday.  LOL, *but that is our little secret*  😉

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always baked what the birthday person wanted for their choice of cake.  She would bake the cake, put candles in the top and light them as everyone else sang, “Happy Birthday”.

My brother and dad, they always chose their favorite German Chocolate.  When it was my mom’s birthday I would make her a German Chocolate cake.

But when it came to my birthday, I was the oddball.  I didn’t want German Chocolate, nor vanilla, nor rainbow or sprinkles.  I didn’t want frosting on my choice either.

In fact, I didn’t want a typical cake at all.  I wanted strawberry shortcake, which was made with a bisquick sweet biscuit.   Now it’s not the norm for a birthday, in fact, how do you really put candles on a tiny cake topped with strawberries and cool whip.   You really can’t.  You just have a candle or a numeral candle…but every year my mom would make it for me without hesitation and of course extras for everyone else to enjoy.

Since my mom passed, the birthday celebrations have changed.  In fact, all traditions, holidays and celebrations have changed. I tried to carry on traditions but thy are not the same and now that my brother has also passed, traditions are nearly nonexistent.

But this year, I will make my Strawberry Shortcake. I will enjoy every bite of it.  I will use my stevia, I will by some Reddi Whip(come on admit it…it tastes better than the Cool Whip, however..Cool Whip now has sugar free…hmm I may have to reconsider my options and how many carbs are in each.  I know Reddi Whip does have sugar in it.)  But I will make some low carb sweet biscuits.  Oh my, my mouth is salvating already.

So my question for you is this:  When it’s your birthday, do you stay on plan or treat it as a freebie day?


You know when I find freebies I always share with you all.  So here we go!

Premier Protein is once again having a giveaway of their product.

While supplies last you can choose a bar or a shake.

This giveaway is only good one per person, but 2 per household.

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