So I have decided to make a commitment to try to find new ways to add fiber into my diet.

Maybe I should clarify, ways to add fiber that do not make me gag, cause tummy distress or taste like I am being punished for trying to be healthy.

I have tried flaxseed, which I do love, however when I have more than 3 TB of flaxseed meal my tummy starts a revolution.  Chia seed is also a good option.

But today I am talking about Hempseed.  I went out to the local grocery store and began my hunt.  I located a bag that said Hemp Hearts not only  was it all fiber(1 carb, 1 fiber per TB, which means 0 net carbs) but it is also a good source of Omega 3 & 6.  Bonus!!

So slowly I began trying my new find.  So far I have tried it in my yogurt, protein shakes, and puddings.

The verdict????????

Where has this sweet gem been all my life?  It looks like Quinoa, but has a soft, nutty taste. Fiber has never tasted so good.

It is even good enough to just eat by the handful.

I would say if you are looking for a delicious way to get in your Omega and Fiber try some hemp hearts.

It’s naturally delicious!  (Be honest you sang that part didn’t you?)




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