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Here is your change to try some Spiru-tein Shake samples.  There are some low carb and keto shakes, you just need to search through them.  The ones with Gold in their name and Skinny Mini usually are the lower carb options.

Here’s the link:




While supplies last Venture is offering a sample of their protein bars.

Just go to this link:


Fill out the form and the should send one out to you, it states that it will take 2 weeks.


What is Venture??

Venture Bars use only the finest ingredients; no junk! The protein source is comprised of 20 grams of pure whey protein isolate and there is a whopping 18-20 grams of dietary fiber with only 2 grams of sugar in every bar. With so much fiber the bar must taste like cardboard? Not at all. These bars not only taste great, but they are soft and chewy too. Every Venture Bar is made with fresh nuts and nut butters.

What you DON’T get in a bar is just as important as what you DO get. What’s NOT in a Venture Bar? JUNK. There are NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, NO sucralose, NO trans fats, NO added sugar, NO soy protein and NO gelatin.

This winning formula has led to “a successful VENTURE for a better bar!”


For free why not try one today?


You know when I find freebies I always share with you all.  So here we go!

Premier Protein is once again having a giveaway of their product.

While supplies last you can choose a bar or a shake.

This giveaway is only good one per person, but 2 per household.

Here’s the link:


Now go!  Quick get your free sample(s)

Again the link is:


Stop reading and GO!!!!



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My cousin was talking about how great these protein bars were.  He, like I, have been using Quest Protein bars and he said that these ones were even better.  Before my cousin mentioning them, I had never heard of them before, so I was like what are they?

However, the only place near me sells them only by cases, so I went searching and I found out how to request two free sample bars from them, oh was I elated as one of their flavors is sugar cookie.

Now you all know me I am up to try anything that gives me my protein, is low carb, gluten free and well is FREE(BONUS!!).

And you all know that I have mad love for you all so of course ANY freebie I find I share for all of you reading my blog as well.

From what I have found thus far, B Up bars each have 20 g of protein and 18-20g Fiber(no corn fiber is used) and between 4-6g carbs.  But I love the fiber count.  The bar is low is sodium and is made with sucralose.

Now they B Jammin bars are energy bars, each have 12 grams of protein, 11-13 grams FIBER and 12-15grams of net carbs, its a little high in carbs but hey its free and who says you need to eat a whole bar.  It has no caffeine or stimulants. It is low in sodium and gluten free as well.  This is a workout bar, for sure.  It has a protein coating and inside is a jelly type juicy fruit filling, hence the Jammin part of the bar title.

For free its not bad and in my opinion worth the try.

I do not know if you can cook these as you can Quest bars.  Sorry.  But that is what free samples are all about to try them out.  LOL on the real, I asked GNC but have not heard back from them and I just sent an email to the Y Up brand company directly.  So hopefully before my samples arrive I will have an answer.

But in the meantime, GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE




Well that was fast before I could post this Blog the company responded.

“Hi Carrie!

Yes you absolutely can. Go on to our Instagram page @yupbrands and you will find a ton of recipes.


So now you see their instagram page, when you get your FREE bars, try them and post your love to the Yup Brand folks via instagram!

I sound like a commerical I know.  I have never tried the bars, I am just excited to try a free sample.  Hey protein bars that are gluten ree and low carb are hard to find.

Let me know when when you request your bars, only for my curiousity sake.  I just wanna know people are actually benefitting from my posts, that’s all.





You will hear mixed reviews on this topic.  You are on a low carb diet, should you make sure your proteins are lean?  Some people say no, some say yes.  Truth is you are the judge in your own case. Our bodies vary on what is good and works for me, may not work and be beneficial for you.  Lean meats are lower in saturated fats. What does that mean?

A diet high in saturated fat has been associated with increased risk of disease. Eating saturated fat can raise the levels of low-density “bad” cholesterol in your blood, and over time high levels of this cholesterol can lead to a narrowing and hardening of your arteries. Also saturated fat has long been associated with high blood pressure, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease. Eating high-fat meats might also increase your risk for some types of cancer. For example, large intakes of animal fat may correlate with an increased incidence of breast cancer, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

I, myself, am worried about my cholesterol and blood pressure as it runs in my family, so I choose the leaner cuts of meat. As I watch my intake of eggs.  I would rather get my fats, from healthy sources.  Truthfully, just the thought of having a taste of animal fat or as some people call it, gristle, in my mouth just does no appeal to me

Also something to consider is that leaner cuts of meat have less calories than its fattier counterparts.

If you are not sure which cuts of meat that you should be ingesting, before you do choose, go over it with a doctor or nutritionist.  Better to be safe than sorry.  The goal is overall health not just weight loss.


Okay so are curious and want to try out some protein bars, but which ones shall you try?

How about trying out some free samples first?

I love Quest protein bars, they are high in fiber and low in sugar.  Plus you can heat this bars for 15 seconds in a microwave and it feels like you are eating a hot sweet treat like brownie or chocolate chip cookie.  This offer is a one time limited offer for new customers only.  Go to the link, file out the form and in the topic spot scroll and click on request a sample.


Atkins is offering a small beginner’s kit that includes a mini food carb count book and a coupon for a buy one get one free Atkins product.


Barndad offers samples to try of their mixes, 4 packets total: 2 samples of a fiber DX German chocolate shake and 2 samples of fiber DX, however there is a $6.95 shipping & handling fee.