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Don’t be fooled.  I have been a long time supporter of Mission Bars, they were great to eat out of the wrapper and easy to cut up and bake to make cookies and cereal bites.  I was very happy with Muscle Tech’s Mission Bars, however, I ran out so I reordered my usual supply from Jet.com, I like Jet as you get discounts for the more you buy and you get a real low rate if you click the option not to return the item, which come on they are my favorite bars why would I return them?  So I ordered my Mission Cookies ‘n Crème, Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  When they arrived it was a *New & Improved* version of the bar unbeknownst to me and the seller the new bars are baked and are replacing the old version of Clean Protein Bars.  The new version is no longer made with Stevia and now has a higher sugar count.  I know for some that may not make a difference but for those doing restricted low carb the old bars net carb count of 5 compared to the new bars net carb count of 9 is a huge difference. That’s 4 extra carbs, that is literally a whole other meal that I could be enjoying instead of this bar.  If you go to Bodybuilding.com, they have reviews glorifying how great the new bar is, however, the old information is captioned by the new product and claims to have low carbs and sweetened with Stevia, which the new bars don’t even contain Stevia. (FALSE ADVERTISING)

Now lets get to the actual product, rip oven the package but heed cover and plug your nose or else you will be overwhelmed by the dog food like smell.  The bar itself is soft and stuck to the foil.  Yeah good luck prying remnants from the wrapper and your teeth.  The taste is nasty and takes a lot to just choke it down, oh and be careful, its made with sugar and Sucrose I was on the toilet with the runs after ingesting this bar and Sucrose triggers your sugar craving button as it is so adding more sugar atop of that…Just WOW. I actually gained weight from the higher sugar and sucrose combo.

I did give it a chance to redeem itself and tried to bake it as I had with the original bars.  DON’T DO IT.  They are Nastier baked in the oven.


The first picture is the nutrition count for the new & improved baked bars as pictured in photo 2.  the 3rd, 4th and last picture are all for the original version of the bars.

Muscle Tech should have been smart and offered both bars as options as I am sure some people do enjoy the new bars and some people are not as limited on their Carb intake as others but I am just going to stick with Quest, they are tasty, low carb, sweetened with stevia and I can cut them up to bake with them and make my tiny protein cookies and/or cereal bites.

*FYI MuscleTech don’t care if you do not like their product.  I messaged them on June 30th when I received the new bars.  They read it that day, actually read it within 15 minutes of me sending it, and the company has failed to respond to me at all.  I guess they are just happy that they received their share of the sales.  Its all about the all mighty dollar not customer satisfaction.  Such a shame as I will miss my Original Mission Bars, we have been through a lot together and I hope I can have continued success on my journey without you.

Quest Bars, I would like to give you a shout out and say Welcome to my Journey and take your seat right here next to me and hold on this is gonna be a bumpy ride.



I went to my primary doctor for an appointment, mostly just because I want to keep him informed so that him and my neurologist are on the same page in regards to my health so we can all work on getting to the root of my mobility disability.

I walk into my doctors office using my walker, which I need to use to help me stay balanced and not fall over from my nerves reporting my legs.

So anyway, I walk into the office, in the office is a little girl in a wagon with her mom and another woman with her boyfriend.

As I walk into the office I her the little girl say outloud, “Look mommie that’s an old person.”

I started chuckling as her mother tried to correct her by saying, “honey, that’s not nice.”

As I was about to speak to the little girl to reassure her that not all people using a walker are old and not all old people use walkers.  I was going to tell her about my Mobility problems.  Just then the other female patient loudly spoke up, “what, she only speak the truth, kids don’t lie.”

EXCUSE ME???  What did you just affirm for this child to believe, you just assured that little girl that her belief was truth, and not just a misunderstanding.  How dare you speak up like that thus insulting me and give that child a falsehood to believe.

Just as I was about to speak up to that patient she was called back for the doctor.

I am not mad at the little girl, nor her mom. I was upset with that other patient.

This is why kids now a days have so many misunderstandings in life. You just reaffirmed that child to believe in a sterotype.  A stereotype is a lie.

Our country is what it is because people believe so much into what a sterotype says rather than the facts of that certain person.  Our world is being ruled by hatred because lies and stereotype are believe more than the truth and proof. The world is in shambles, people are being judged, harassed, belittled, and murdered based on the stereotype they seem to fit.

It is up to us as a responsible adult to properly educated our youngsters.  Educate them with truth, proof of the truth, not educate them with stereotypes and lies.  This does not just go for parents but any adult whose path crosses that of an impressionable child.  For what you say today can change that child’s belief and their future.

I am 42, and look 30.  If the child had said anything about my weight, would that other patient still have been so enthusiastic in sharing her 2 cents input?  If I walked in wearing a hijab with my lovely husband to be wearing his Kufi.  What would have been said then?

Please before you speak think of what you are educating those youngsters in your path.