I went to my primary doctor for an appointment, mostly just because I want to keep him informed so that him and my neurologist are on the same page in regards to my health so we can all work on getting to the root of my mobility disability.

I walk into my doctors office using my walker, which I need to use to help me stay balanced and not fall over from my nerves reporting my legs.

So anyway, I walk into the office, in the office is a little girl in a wagon with her mom and another woman with her boyfriend.

As I walk into the office I her the little girl say outloud, “Look mommie that’s an old person.”

I started chuckling as her mother tried to correct her by saying, “honey, that’s not nice.”

As I was about to speak to the little girl to reassure her that not all people using a walker are old and not all old people use walkers.  I was going to tell her about my Mobility problems.  Just then the other female patient loudly spoke up, “what, she only speak the truth, kids don’t lie.”

EXCUSE ME???  What did you just affirm for this child to believe, you just assured that little girl that her belief was truth, and not just a misunderstanding.  How dare you speak up like that thus insulting me and give that child a falsehood to believe.

Just as I was about to speak up to that patient she was called back for the doctor.

I am not mad at the little girl, nor her mom. I was upset with that other patient.

This is why kids now a days have so many misunderstandings in life. You just reaffirmed that child to believe in a sterotype.  A stereotype is a lie.

Our country is what it is because people believe so much into what a sterotype says rather than the facts of that certain person.  Our world is being ruled by hatred because lies and stereotype are believe more than the truth and proof. The world is in shambles, people are being judged, harassed, belittled, and murdered based on the stereotype they seem to fit.

It is up to us as a responsible adult to properly educated our youngsters.  Educate them with truth, proof of the truth, not educate them with stereotypes and lies.  This does not just go for parents but any adult whose path crosses that of an impressionable child.  For what you say today can change that child’s belief and their future.

I am 42, and look 30.  If the child had said anything about my weight, would that other patient still have been so enthusiastic in sharing her 2 cents input?  If I walked in wearing a hijab with my lovely husband to be wearing his Kufi.  What would have been said then?

Please before you speak think of what you are educating those youngsters in your path.


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