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Don’t be fooled.  I have been a long time supporter of Mission Bars, they were great to eat out of the wrapper and easy to cut up and bake to make cookies and cereal bites.  I was very happy with Muscle Tech’s Mission Bars, however, I ran out so I reordered my usual supply from Jet.com, I like Jet as you get discounts for the more you buy and you get a real low rate if you click the option not to return the item, which come on they are my favorite bars why would I return them?  So I ordered my Mission Cookies ‘n Crème, Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  When they arrived it was a *New & Improved* version of the bar unbeknownst to me and the seller the new bars are baked and are replacing the old version of Clean Protein Bars.  The new version is no longer made with Stevia and now has a higher sugar count.  I know for some that may not make a difference but for those doing restricted low carb the old bars net carb count of 5 compared to the new bars net carb count of 9 is a huge difference. That’s 4 extra carbs, that is literally a whole other meal that I could be enjoying instead of this bar.  If you go to Bodybuilding.com, they have reviews glorifying how great the new bar is, however, the old information is captioned by the new product and claims to have low carbs and sweetened with Stevia, which the new bars don’t even contain Stevia. (FALSE ADVERTISING)

Now lets get to the actual product, rip oven the package but heed cover and plug your nose or else you will be overwhelmed by the dog food like smell.  The bar itself is soft and stuck to the foil.  Yeah good luck prying remnants from the wrapper and your teeth.  The taste is nasty and takes a lot to just choke it down, oh and be careful, its made with sugar and Sucrose I was on the toilet with the runs after ingesting this bar and Sucrose triggers your sugar craving button as it is so adding more sugar atop of that…Just WOW. I actually gained weight from the higher sugar and sucrose combo.

I did give it a chance to redeem itself and tried to bake it as I had with the original bars.  DON’T DO IT.  They are Nastier baked in the oven.


The first picture is the nutrition count for the new & improved baked bars as pictured in photo 2.  the 3rd, 4th and last picture are all for the original version of the bars.

Muscle Tech should have been smart and offered both bars as options as I am sure some people do enjoy the new bars and some people are not as limited on their Carb intake as others but I am just going to stick with Quest, they are tasty, low carb, sweetened with stevia and I can cut them up to bake with them and make my tiny protein cookies and/or cereal bites.

*FYI MuscleTech don’t care if you do not like their product.  I messaged them on June 30th when I received the new bars.  They read it that day, actually read it within 15 minutes of me sending it, and the company has failed to respond to me at all.  I guess they are just happy that they received their share of the sales.  Its all about the all mighty dollar not customer satisfaction.  Such a shame as I will miss my Original Mission Bars, we have been through a lot together and I hope I can have continued success on my journey without you.

Quest Bars, I would like to give you a shout out and say Welcome to my Journey and take your seat right here next to me and hold on this is gonna be a bumpy ride.



Make my bacon turkey though.

I need a guy who not only understands this, but understands and supports my WOE lifestyle.


Now you can have the best intentions in this WOL.  Eating right and exercising.  But what happens when something keeps happening and pulling you off your path on this journey?

This past week I stubbed my toe resulting in the loss of my nail.  I jammed my finger into a chair leaving me unable to use my right hand.  I got bit by something that resulted in my foot having a rash at the bite site and swollen foot, it  hurt to wiggle my toes and it was so tender to walk on my foot.  I was walking outside I saw a puddle and thought, “I need to watch the puddle so I don’t get wet.”  as soon as I thought that, I had lost my balance and fell right into the puddle.  My clothes, shoes, purse, hair was full of mud.  My elbow and knee were scrapped up and bleeding.  I was making my coffee when I couldnt lift my foot, up the step that led into the kitchen and I dropped my glass carafe  shattering it all over the floor, luckily i only cut my foot once on a missed shard of glass. To end my week on a high note.  I sliced my thumb, so deeply and badly that I almost cut the tip off.  Here I was cutting asparagus when my hand decided to have a jerking tremor.  *SLICE*

So due to my ummm..unfortunate accidents.  I was unable to go to the pool for my exercise.  I  think that hurt more than any of the injuries.

It would have been easy to say, “I think these are signs telling me not to work out.”  But then where would I be?

God allows us to experience a journey, actually many different journeys, but each journey has a hurdle or two or more.  As I see it, a hurdle is placed there by the devil, but under God’s guidance.  God knows the hurdle is placed there and its like a competition between God and the Devil.  God has faith that you will overcome the hurdle, the devil hopes you don’t and that you give up.   So how you handle the hurdle is up to you, God wills it to happen but the decision of how you overcome it is all YOU.  God doesn’t set out to make you feel like a failure,  that is all the devil’s work.

It would have been easy to just be mad at the world and not do anything, at all or anymore.

When I was able to put weight on my foot I began to just walk.  I got my walker and slowly I walked down the driveway and as far as I could go down the street, taking breaks when I needed to.

My thumb, thankfully, is alsmost healed to the point of being able to be sealed by putting some New Skin, the liquid bandage, over the wound so that I can get back into the pool.

I continued my healthy eating, I adjusted my exercise routine and I still lost some weight this week.

Be a wine to others’ lemonade, let them look at you in bewilderment .  Let them sit and wonder how you had so many hurdles, but yet they never stopped you on your journey.  Most people expecct you to fail, but the only person you need to believe that you will succeed is YOU!

When a road has one of those big wooden “ROAD CLOSED” sign, what do you do?  Do you just sit there, stopped in your tracks; just staring at the blocakade?  No! You find a way to get around it so you get to your final destination, your goal.




Warning you are entering the Construction Zone:

Please excuse the lanes being closed down to one and the cones set up to help avoid the potholes along my journey.

If you decide to travel my path with me, expect it to be long with a few bumps along the way, but know that I shall not get deviated from my voyage.

I ain’t going to lie, I may need your help in case my vehicle breaks down.  I am going to say that I may need your assistance.  There may come a time where I will need your support to help hold up the body as I add the proper fuel to get me going again and for you to feed my spirit and soul with postive and helpful words of wisdom.

If you can’t provide me with roadside assistance after I contact you when I swerve off the path, then I don’t need your service at all.

I am unsure how long the construction will last, but I assure you the final project with be utterly breathtaking and cause others to want to go on the same path.




You can do what you put your mind to..No excuses!

You see someone running a 5K and you want to run, but you feel you can’t.

You see someone gracefully dancing and wishing you could dance like that, but you believe you can’t.

You see a toned person lifting 50 pounds, you wished you could look like that but you can’t lift weights.

Guess what when these people started they weren’t able to do it either.  The results you are seeing started someplace.

Just like a child learninig to walk, it starts out with tiny steps and progresses each time.

When you see someone, you do no tknow their story.  You are destroying yourself by seeing their results without knowing their journey.

If you saw the runner starting out at 350 pounds and not able to  steadily run for even 2 minutes, would you still be feeling so envious right now.

If you saw the dancer starting her journey heavily breathing and falling on all her turns, would you still be jealolus?

If you saw that toned person at the beginning of her journey lifting only 11 pound weights, would you even have given her a second thought?

Truth is everyone starts their journey for the same reason to be a better version of who they were, wether it is to behealthier, stronger, more flexible they wanted to be better.

And to be better they all started their journey with a belief.  The belie that yes they CAN.

No one starts out being an atheletic runner, a skilled dancer, or a well toned weight lifter;  it takes tiny steps and small goals to make the big goal a reality.

You think you can, guess what…YOU CAN!



Today Wednesday, September 30 is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.

What is National Women’s Women’s Health and Fitness Day?

Well it is an event that this year is set for Wednesday, September 30, 2015, and in future years, is always held on the last Wednesday in September. This unique national program — with participation by local organizations throughout the U.S. — focuses attention on the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women.

Find some organizations in your community that may have programs for you to partake in or have your own celebration and just MOVE IT!


Or so here’s the dilema..I was shopping and saw they had Philadelphia cream cheese clearances for 99cents a bar.  And I had on my person 50cents off two bars, which means each bar would be approximately 75cents a bar.  However, the carbs were double than the bars I currently use.  Do I risk the extra carbs just to save money or should I save money and use the extra carb bar, which thus then would be canceling out another item I could have had in place of that extra carb?  BTW it also had a higher sodium, calorie fat and cholesterol count as well.  So that’s the dilema, if you were in my shoes, at that moment, what would you have done?  Obviously I am home now.

So the results:  I pondered over it for about half hour put the bars in my cart and walked around then finally I decided, I could not justify risking the extra carbs.  And I say carbs, plural as about 99% of my recipes ask for more than one serving of cream cheese, I would be ingesting more than just the one carb.  So after considering it all, that cheaper cheese with the extra carb was more expensive as it would have cost me my WOE and possibly stall me or make me gain weight.

Besides I think Allah was guiding me not to buy them as I found chicken on sale, I was able to buy two whole fryers(picture a tiny turkey) for the same price as I would have spent for the cheese and the chicken had no carbs.  So I put the cream cheese back and left the coupons atop of them for another to use.

Yes it was a winning moment!


Now I have known that decaf coffee in fact truly is not decaf, there is always some caffeine in every decaf.  What I did not know was the process that turned caffeinated coffee beans into decaf beans. Well, until my sweet friend shared with me an article that described the process.

Curious?  Then read this article, it is quite the eye opener.