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Have you ever had a place that you went to that instantly you just felt hungry?

Like literally you could hve just eaten a full course meal and you go to this place and *BAM* it happens, you are walking around in a daze, starving, searching for food as you suddenly feel your energy has been zapped beyond the point of depletion.

This happens to me and the place is my brother’s home.

Recently I had the task of puppy sitting my little brother’s 2 furry babies, a pug and a bull terrier.

Usuallty when I go to his house and he is there I can spend hours upon hours without even a thought of food popping into my head.

I went and spent time with the puppies, feeding them, playing with them, taking them outside, watching a movie with them as they sat on my lap.  My time as well as all my movements were well occupied by the balls of fur.

But everyday I went to the home after I ate and everytime I was overwhelmed by this extreme hunger and need to just eat.

I can’t think of a really good reason why, I definitely was not bored.  I was not really hungry.  The only thing I could think of was that my brother was not a low carber and his house had the fixings of a full blown carb addicts dream.  On top of his ridge, were bags after bags of different chips; Doritoes, Tostitioes, pita chips, potato chips, etc.  In the fridge he had pop, tortillas, wraps, bread.  In the freezer there was ice cream, ice cream sandwhiches, mufins, tv dinners.

It’s like when I walk into the home my senses all go into a carb induced state, kinda like a contact buzz from just being in the same room, even without actually ingesting the stuff.

So I know have hidden a bag in my brother’s closet full of low carb, sugar free treats.  My note inside states:”This bag belongs to Carrie  It is her low carb survival kit for visits.  If you feel so inclined to eat this, be forewarned that your are eating sugar free and if you do so, it is at your own risk.  The outcomes may not be what you expect but I assure you they will never be forgotten.”





Being that we are now smack dab in middle of the Holidays.

How are you planning events around your WOE?

What is your biggest temptation around this time of year and how do you handle it?

I know I have to plan out my meals.  Like for Thanksgiving, I began preparing my menu weeks in advance and made my low carb, gluten free stuffing bread for my dressing.

My biggest temptation, hmm..strange I really haven’t noticed any, which I guess in itself is a NSV.  I think as long as you find a healthy alternative to what you truly are tempted by, you never feel like you are missing out.



Now I am not condoning the thought that if you eat a piece of candy its ok as long as you work out.

Eating candy is not an option as it does do more damage to your body, but this is the season that everywhere you look you see CANDY.

Set your willpower phazers on high and put up your force shield for the rest of this year.

You can do it.

This chart shows what each candy bar is worth energy wise.  Just think how much healtier you would be if you did the exercise and not eaten crap food.

So here is a small Holiday Challenge.  For every piece of candy you are offered, decline the candy, but still do the attached workout. For example, if you are offered a Reese’s peanut butter cup, decline it but commit to doing those 10 minuts of spinning.

Doing the exercise keeps you busy, you will not think about the candy and it will actually get you past the time limit of that sugar craving.

Whenyou are done with the exercise, drink your water you will not want that bar.

Temptation conquered!

Happy Dance Time!!

Go YOU!!!!


Usually I write blogs on Mondays and Friday, however today is a special occasion.

My dad went into the hospital today, I took him in at 8am and stayed until 5 pm.

Now it was unexpected so I could not plan out a meal.

At out hospital, in the ER visitors are not allowed to bring in food or drink into the rooms.

So as we waited, seconds turned into minutes that then turned into hours.

I was getting moody, tired, a headache was forming.  I know I needed to eat.  I needed protein.  So at 3:30pm my dad told me to go to the cafeteria to get some food.  I headed to the cafeteria, I stood at the door reading the menu..and almond crusted tilapia, wow that sounded awesome. And they had salad and green beans. SCORE!!!

I walked inside, on the serving counter there was a sign..Cafeteria not serving until 4:30PM.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

What to do, I walked the grounds and saw vending machines, inside of them were chips, candy, crackers.  No nuts, as that would have been carb friendly.

I was frustrated as what to do.  I needed nourishment as I had not eaten But nothing was low carb.  I was about to put the change in the machine when I walked away from the machine and decided to run down the road to a local restaurant where I ordered two bunless halal burger patties and put them atop of a side salad.  YUM..

I was able to keep on track, admist the Temptations.

Yah for me!!!!  Victory moment.

Have you ever been faced with temptations but turned away from them??  What was one of your victory moments?