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I have been saying how I have been overdoing things and I needed to take a rest, however it never seemed the right time to rest as I have so much that needs to be done and that I need to just do, I hate just sitting around doing nothing, being unproductive.

Yep, I have the stubborn streak, I inherited it from my daddy.

Well, God decided to take matters into his own hands.

Yesterday as I was weeding my garden trying to get it done before the upcoming rain.  So quickly as possible I was weeding and trimming back the other plants that have run their course for the season.

I step over to move to the corner of my landscaping, almost done when I feel a sharp poke I lift up my foot and see a bee flutter in the grass.

I hobble into the house to the bathroom to run my foot under cold water, carefully as not to put pressure on the pad of my foot under my toes as that is where it hurt.

As the water ran over the foot I felt the poison of the stinger in the bones of my two toes, the two next to the big toe.  Throb throb throb. It felt like the poison was coursing through the bones.  I broke my foot before and this is what it exactly felt like.

I was able to remove the stinger, which is a huge plus.  I can not put pressure on my foot.  I iced the area yesterday and have been treating it with Benadryl.  My toes are still swollen and can’t flex my toes, but at least I did not wind up in the hospital..small miracle.  So today its a regimen of foot up, ice, Benadryl and repeat.  Still no pressure on front of foot.

So lesson is when you don’t take the time needed for yourself to rest and not overdo things, GOD will make sure you have no choice but to take time to relax. Just His way usually is more painful, so lessons are learned and remembered.

*UPDATE*  After only 3 hours I was going stir crazy and was experiencing cabin fever.  I had to get out, so I decided to do more weeding.  I was not outside for 10 minutes and the sun disappeared, its got dark and it just down poured.

Lol…so back inside I now am, ice back on foot and I am searching my files posting stuff.

Told you I have a stubborn streak, but God knows that he created me with it!

Do you ever picture God just slapping his hand to his forehead saying, “What else do I need to do to get it through her head”: Stay in and RELAX!!