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Don’t ever stop fighting for what you want and believe in.

Giving up is not an option.




You started this journey because you wanted to improve your health, you noticed that there was something unhealthy in your life and you wanted to change that.

Change is never easy, actually change is easy its continuing it to make it a habit that is hard.

Things happen along the way to challenge us, that have us doubting our decisions and yes sometimes they tempt us to quit.

Even in our darkest hours we need to muster the strength to keep on our mission.

If it is truly want we want in our heart and in our life then we fight all odds, all temptations, all negatives to get the positive outcome.

One person that motivates me truly is Malala Yousafzai.She is the co-recipient of the 2014 Noble Peace Award.  At 15, Malala was the target of an assination attempt, she was shot in the face on a school bus, in front of her fellow students, for her attending school to get an education.  Since then she has continued her fight to empower women and to get every child a right to a decent education.

It would have been so easy and quite understandable if she had ended her fight when she was laying in the hospital after being shot fighting for her life.  But she didn’t.  She used that as fuel to push her in her battle.

Mayala on the Ellen show said that she no longer has fear since surviving something that was meant to kill her.

In life, we all face hardships that give us reasons to quit, but we must not.

This is our only life, we must fight what we truly want in it, not just to be example to ourselves but to the others who may be observing us.