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How is your monthly challenge going for this month?

Have you been able to stick to no low carb junk and substitute with homemade treats?

Have you given up the protein bars, sugar free candy, store bought cheese crisps and tortillas or wraps?





So I was going to propose a challenge of no processed foods, however, low carb does consist of processed foods such as cheese, bacon, salami, perpperoni, etc..

So I decided that the challenge is not giving up all processed foods.  I propose that we give up low carb foods that we eat but don’t need for our body to function.

For example:  Give up sugar free candy, protein bars, bagged cheese crisps, low carb wraps, Salad dressing.

If you feel you need one of these, then make it do not buy it. Make your own salad dressing(it is so easy to do), make wraps, make your own cheese crisps, make your own low carb crackers, make your own nut butters and jelly.

Stop buying the store products, make your own so you see and know for sure what ingredients you are ingesting.

Give up diet pop, protein bars and sugar free candy.  They can actually trigger cravings as if you ate real candy and candy bars or drank regular pop.

Eat real food, not processed and sold at the store.

Do you think you can do this challenge?




Ever wonder how much water you needed to consume in a day?

Take a gander at this article:

Here’s How Much Water Your Body Needs To Lose Weight


It’s easy to see a person and think or even say critical things.  You may see someone overweight and think, geez they are so unhealthy and need to lose weight.

Truth is, You have no idea what the starting point was for that person.  For instance, the person you just saw that you judged so quickly, the one you decided needed to lose weight, she could have just lost 25, 50 or 100.  She could be floating on a cloud after losing weight, the weight that they thought they were unable to do and your criticism could burst their excitement.

You never see the blood, sweat and tears that go into what makes a person.

I know when I lost 100 pounds, it hurts when people still tell me you need to lose weight, to which I reply, “I am trying”.  I have a catch 22, you need to workout to loe weight, but I cant work out so I stay plateued, which in itself is a good thing because its not a gain and if I lose weight it is soooo slow.  But day by day.

Before you criticize someone else, think about how you would feel if someone said the same thing to you.

Don’t judge, just smile and say hi.

We need to raise each other up, not tear each other down.


This is a great article describing some warning signs that if your body is exhibiting could mean that you may be slacking in the hydration department.

Also in the article is why water is so important to our bodies.

Please take a moment to read the article.

Find out if in act you are getting enough aqua?



I am so excited to announce that once again I have been sent to swim therapy.  The therapist states that it will take at least a year to get back to having core strength.  But for now I am enjoying my Aquatic Therapy.

I have always been as my mom called it a “water baby”, whch imeans I loved the water, when I would go swimming it was always so hard to get me out of the pool, lake or creek.

I used to always love just feeling free in the water as is lets you float like you are flying in water.

Not only is it peaceul and relaxing, but swimming is easier on your muscles and joints.  Because of the water’s bounancy you get more of a workout with less of the strain and pain.

Swimming is beneficial to your physical, emotional and mental well being.

Beinig disabled I often get depressed when I want to exercise but I can’t.  But even though I can not do regular physical exercises, I feel better and excited to be able to do aquatic therapy.

Remember:  Being able to do a little is way better than doing none!



I am trying to listen to my physical therapist and not go past what she tells me to do.  I have to learn patience, which I have with others just not myself.

It sucks to be disabled and have this inner athletic energy just wanting to burst out, but I can only do a minimum of this energ.

Mentally I know that if I push myself I will do worse and possible irrepairable damage, but my emotions are saying push it, don’t be lazy.

I hate being unable to do things and have to sit around.  Truthfully, there are times that I want to just nudge that borderline a tad, but when I do it sets me back as now I caused a delay of stretching and exercise because I pushed it too much the time before and my body hurts.  I know what it does as I have tried…many times.

I push and I am stuck in bed with a heating pad for hours and walking hunched over unable to straighten up when I need to pee, drink or eat.

So I am trying to learn patience and not overdue anything cuz in time I will be abe to do it ALL!

But it is driving me insane.

If I quit listening to my physical therapist and push myself I will be back to square one, yeah square one if I am lucky, are there negative squares?

My exercise like this WOE, once you start you must obey the rules and not try to cheat here or there.  Cuz one cheat can set you back more than you think.