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You can do what you put your mind to..No excuses!

You see someone running a 5K and you want to run, but you feel you can’t.

You see someone gracefully dancing and wishing you could dance like that, but you believe you can’t.

You see a toned person lifting 50 pounds, you wished you could look like that but you can’t lift weights.

Guess what when these people started they weren’t able to do it either.  The results you are seeing started someplace.

Just like a child learninig to walk, it starts out with tiny steps and progresses each time.

When you see someone, you do no tknow their story.  You are destroying yourself by seeing their results without knowing their journey.

If you saw the runner starting out at 350 pounds and not able to  steadily run for even 2 minutes, would you still be feeling so envious right now.

If you saw the dancer starting her journey heavily breathing and falling on all her turns, would you still be jealolus?

If you saw that toned person at the beginning of her journey lifting only 11 pound weights, would you even have given her a second thought?

Truth is everyone starts their journey for the same reason to be a better version of who they were, wether it is to behealthier, stronger, more flexible they wanted to be better.

And to be better they all started their journey with a belief.  The belie that yes they CAN.

No one starts out being an atheletic runner, a skilled dancer, or a well toned weight lifter;  it takes tiny steps and small goals to make the big goal a reality.

You think you can, guess what…YOU CAN!