Today is my birthday.  I am so excited.  This will be the first year that the annual local town carnival/festival has their last day parade on my birthday.  On my birthday, oh in my mind, it will feel like a parade just for me, celebrating my birthday.  LOL, *but that is our little secret*  😉

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always baked what the birthday person wanted for their choice of cake.  She would bake the cake, put candles in the top and light them as everyone else sang, “Happy Birthday”.

My brother and dad, they always chose their favorite German Chocolate.  When it was my mom’s birthday I would make her a German Chocolate cake.

But when it came to my birthday, I was the oddball.  I didn’t want German Chocolate, nor vanilla, nor rainbow or sprinkles.  I didn’t want frosting on my choice either.

In fact, I didn’t want a typical cake at all.  I wanted strawberry shortcake, which was made with a bisquick sweet biscuit.   Now it’s not the norm for a birthday, in fact, how do you really put candles on a tiny cake topped with strawberries and cool whip.   You really can’t.  You just have a candle or a numeral candle…but every year my mom would make it for me without hesitation and of course extras for everyone else to enjoy.

Since my mom passed, the birthday celebrations have changed.  In fact, all traditions, holidays and celebrations have changed. I tried to carry on traditions but thy are not the same and now that my brother has also passed, traditions are nearly nonexistent.

But this year, I will make my Strawberry Shortcake. I will enjoy every bite of it.  I will use my stevia, I will by some Reddi Whip(come on admit it…it tastes better than the Cool Whip, however..Cool Whip now has sugar free…hmm I may have to reconsider my options and how many carbs are in each.  I know Reddi Whip does have sugar in it.)  But I will make some low carb sweet biscuits.  Oh my, my mouth is salvating already.

So my question for you is this:  When it’s your birthday, do you stay on plan or treat it as a freebie day?


3 thoughts on “IT’S TRUE!

    1. It was my cheat day..I made my strawberry shortcake, low carb but usually I eat no later than 8pm and I gave myself two extra hours so I could enjoy my treat at 9:45pm. When I cheat..I do so by adding fruit and extra time in my eating schedule. So I am still on low carb, but my carbs are from fruit.

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