So last month on May 1st, 2016.  I won the Atkins Recipe contest for my Zucchini Latkes.  Around MAy 10th, I recieved a package of Atkins merchandise.  I look throughfully through the package and the picture is all I found.  The amount of such merchandise only reached a mere $48, a way off of the $95 prize package I was promised for winning.  I patiently waited thinking I would be sent anther package or perhaps coupons for products via snail mail.  I received nothing else.

So on May 25th, I wrote to Atkins stating that I believe half of my package was missing and left somewhere at the warehouse.  I recieved a reply stating that oh yes there was an error and that I would be sent out another package right away.

So anxiously I waited..and waited…and my excitement slowly turned to disappointing sadness.

June 20th I again rewrote Atkins stating that I have not yet recieved the second delivery.  I am kinda bummed cuz I had been anticipating its arrival, but it’s now almost been a month since notificiation of the error and we are coming up on 2 months since winning the contest.  I am confused as to what is occurring, I know the address is correct as I recieved the first installment.

I can see that my message was read on Tuesday the 21st.  It is Thursday and I have not yet recieved a response or even them acknowledging the message in any way, even though I can tell when it was read.

Last time they responded within a day of me sending in my message.  As they state on their site and messenger that they typically reply within a few hours.

I am kinda feeling ignored as if they do not appreciate me as their customer since I won the merchandse versus me actually paying for it.

At the current moment I am kinda bummed with Atkins, so much that my patronage to them in the future is in jeopardy.  I was hoping that when I won they would send me a little Congratulations note about winning one of their contests, (which as a future cookbook writer would come in handy when marketing my book) but more so I was looking forward to getting my total prize worth without me having to grovel for them to send my prize.

I am feeling really bummed.  I am not recommending Atkins to anyone at this time as it seems they really are not caring about their clientele.  The product is good but their service and loyality to customers do not make it worth my while to continuing to support them through me buying their products.

You know they can spend all their money to have celebrities endorse them but what they  need to be spending their money on is caring about the common non celebrities as their word and recommendations mean more.  Do you think Atkins has fogotten to send Alyssa Milano or Sharon Osbourne their products?  Heck no, that is their top priority.  But guess what I didn’t eat Atkins because of those two, I started using them as they fit me on this WOE lifestyle and others following this lifestyle gave recommendations.  I started buying the products before even becoming a follower of the Atkins Merchandise and Site.  But this experience definitely has tainted my taste for them.

Turns out that while I am declared a winner, they are showing themselves as a loser at the same time.  I supposedly won their contest and $95 worth of product, but yet they failed to fill their obligation after two requests, making them the loser.

If I could give my word of advice: I would tell people do not buy their products, especially via online from their company, but also do not enter any of their contests as they are failing to fulfill their oblligations to the winners.



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