A week ago I saw a contest on the Atkins aebook page, however it was suppose to end in 3 hours.. I had just seen the listing and had gotten no notifications or else I would have entered earlier.  I had to make a recipe using a zucchini.  The recipe I had in my mind was the new thing I was making for my breakast.

So at 9 pm, I began to grate my zucchini and cook my dish as my dad was trying to sleep, poor dad, he had no idea.

By the time I was finished it was 11:45pm only 15 minutes left to enter, I had to take a picture, think of a recipe name, and write out the recipe.  I was the very last person to enter.  I was thinking so many enteries..there is no way..So many other delicious looking recipes.

A day later I recieved the facebook message.  My Zucchini Latkes had won..WOO-HOO.   I won $95 Atkins Prize pack.  I am so excited and humble, but at the same time sad as my monthly challenge was to give up processed foods such as candy, protein bars, low carb snack bars, etc…Oh well, the treats will hold till next month.

When I recieve the prize I will share the picture.

I told my dad how I won and he was excited until I told him it was low carb..oh well his loss, more or me.

BTW, I told my dad he can no longer make fun of my healthy cooking as I am a WorldWide  Winner…LOL


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