Life has a way to deter us from our goals.  So much so that we get distracted and forget ourselves for a while.

Have you ever just had days where you felt like a zombie walking from place to place, you are mindless to what you ae doing and putting into your mouth.  You know you need to eat, but do you remember to eat healthy?

It happens.

Do you place a time limit on your goal?

If you do what happens when you don’t meet that deadline?

Does setting a exact time to complete a journey set you up to disappointment and failure if you do not met that goal by that time?

The thing to remember is there is no time that you need to be complete in your journey, just as long as you continue on it.

If you need to rest, then rest don’t over do what at this time your body can’t handle.  Like don’t run a marathon if you haven’t tried running around the block.



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