So I was going to propose a challenge of no processed foods, however, low carb does consist of processed foods such as cheese, bacon, salami, perpperoni, etc..

So I decided that the challenge is not giving up all processed foods.  I propose that we give up low carb foods that we eat but don’t need for our body to function.

For example:  Give up sugar free candy, protein bars, bagged cheese crisps, low carb wraps, Salad dressing.

If you feel you need one of these, then make it do not buy it. Make your own salad dressing(it is so easy to do), make wraps, make your own cheese crisps, make your own low carb crackers, make your own nut butters and jelly.

Stop buying the store products, make your own so you see and know for sure what ingredients you are ingesting.

Give up diet pop, protein bars and sugar free candy.  They can actually trigger cravings as if you ate real candy and candy bars or drank regular pop.

Eat real food, not processed and sold at the store.

Do you think you can do this challenge?




2 thoughts on “MAY CHALLENGE

    1. Thanks, good luck to you as well. I am not speaking for everyone but I know for me the easy to use processed items like wraps, peanut butter, protein bars, snack bars, ice cream, jam, etc..make me crave carbs. I am jealous of people who can eat them and not cause a craving avalanche.

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