Oh YES it does!

I know that I haven’t posted in a few days and I am sorry for that but I am having some urgent matters on this end with my dads health.  We have been traveling to doctors for him as he was discovered to have a kleaky heart valve and I have been going through a hard withdrawal from a drug my doctor had perscribed me or my migraines, they unexpectantly cut me off hard core instead of weaning me.  then when they tried to put me back on it I told them NO!!!  after going throw a withdrawal like that I don’t want to be on them.

I am scared about my dad as he is the only biological family member I have left, I lost my mom in 2010, my brother in 2014 so that leaves just me and my dad.  We were a close knit family,  kinda not the extended family type unit, the only outside family member I was close to was my Aunt Kathy and she died in 2013.  So that kinda says why my dads health is so important to me.

So now the other issue is rather a question,  “How do you not let the stress of this situation effect you?”

I will be honest, during my withdrawal, I was so sick that I had to eat carbs as that was the only thing that helped with my nausea, it was oatmeal and bread mainly that helped me stay nourished while “Detoxing” from the medication.  So yes I gained a few pounds, however back on low carb now.

So basically,  I have to help one withdrawal with carbs only to go through another withdrawal when I go back to my low carb lifestyle.

I have admitted it in the past and I will restate it, I am an emotional eater.  That is what I am faced with right now with all the stress going on. I am so scared of being tempted by the junk that I will regain.  Gaining weight, that is my fear after my dads health.

When my dad was in the hospital I was stressed but I thought I was well prepared by having protein bars.  NOPE!!!  You can not make all your meals and snacks during the day protein bars.  This is what made me decide what this month’s challenge is, but that will be on another post.

When I grew up my stress was always resolved by exercise, walking, boxing, running, etc.  However, I am not able to do those things as yet.

Maybe my stress reliever is writing.  But back to the question, “How do you stay in control of your eating when you are surrounded by stressors and not let them effect you?



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