I used to be so afraid starting things along my journey.

At first, I was afraid to work out in front of others.  Oh my what would people say if they saw me; an extremely overweight woman busting out of her shorts and tops working out in the same room as them.

Truth was, I was already invisioning negative comments as that was what I had gotten my whole life. That caused me to not go out, however, I was doing an in service.  Not just to myself but to anyone else who I could have inspired to take that same first step.

When it came to me using a walker, I was skiddish to use it out and about.  After all I am only 43 and in reality, I fall below the average age of walker users. But I began using it as I want to be a representation out there an inspiation to others that my disability nor my walker will hold me back.

When it comes down to negativity, it doesn’t matter what others say to you.  All that matters is what you believe and say to yourself.


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