Even though when I look up the definition, DRUG is described as any substance other than food, that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin or dissolved under the tongue causes a physiological change in the body.

However, when you eat can you not experience  physicological changes?

To explore this better, how exactly is physicolgical changes defined?  Physicological changes are changes that effect the actions of  normal functioning to a living organism.

Have you never eaten a ood that kinda took over the normal functions of your body?

I know when I eat bread or psta, its causes me to experience abnormal and intense hunger.  Something that normally should not be occurring, you should not eat and then within a short period of time is hungry again.

If food is not classified as a drug, why is it we experience “withdrawal” symptoms when we eliminate the wrong foods from our diet?

When you elimainate caffeine, sugar, white four, we experience headaches, lethargy, mood changes, nausea, intense cravings, you feel like you have the flu and swear you are not going to make it. Some people experience tremors.  These symptoms last a few days and you can begin your new healthy lifestyle.

Now reading through those withdrawal symptoms that I just listed, do you realize that you would experience those same exact symptoms if you were withdrawaling from herion, vicodin or cocaine?

Addicts usually turn to drugs to escape emotional pain and life’s stressors.

What do we as emotional eaters turn to to escape our emotional pain and stress?

In fact, the word drug is not a bad term until it is in reference to overuse beyond what it is meant for.

Food is meant to fuel us only when we are hungry, but many of us have gone far and beyond and used food to comfort us, to help us cope with stressful events, to escape, to celebrate, to find an unconditional love and unhealthy attachment to.  Instead of eeding our body we began feeding out emotions, feeling, mental state.

So if you can use food like how you  could use a drug…why is it that only one is considered “dangerous to our health?”



2 thoughts on “I AGREE!

  1. I totally agree with this. Actually, anything can be a drug to us…anything can become an addiction when it starts to control your life and thoughts. Food addiction is the worst addiction to have because you have to have it to survive….unlike “street” drugs, you can’t just walk away from food. We can walk away from street drugs (with help, obviously), and never “need” to do ingest it again….but food…we just can’t. We can get help, but we still have to ingest our “drug”… I know what it’s like to be an addict – I am a recovering coke/crack addict – it was a controlled addiction – once per week for the most part, but still a very real addiction – clean for 7 years, though. I just know that my food addiction is much much harder to break than the other addiction….

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    1. I have always been an emotional eater. My first relationship was a domestic violent one, he was a cocaine user and soon I was too but my use in no means was an everyday need, but i used it to numb the pain I experienced in my situation. There came a day that I let him and became sober. 3 years after that I met my now ex, he was a heroin addict.. His usage not once tempted me to reuse coke, but my food addition was on the rise. I could understand his struggle but I always saw food addiction a harder one to be “sober” from. For food you never have to leave the house, its always there, it was a quick fix and in abundance. Street drugs you had to call, wait and usually leave the home to get. I sought help for my addiction problems, which as you know is a constant battle, but our relationship ended as he failed to get help for his. Then my struggle became harder as my disability destroyed my mobility. Still sober coke wise and food wise. NO cheat days as that for a food addict just leads to a downfall.

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