When one begins any weight loss journey, they try to become acquainted with the “rules”.

Like low carb, you start out figuring out what you can eat, what is net carbs, how many carbs can you have, what can you not eat, etc…

The one rule that should start out any journey is this one.  Be honest with yourself about what you are truly eating.  Don’t eat a whole chocolate bar and say, “I only had a bite.” or eat a burger and fries and when you weigh in exclaim, “I don’t know how I gained a pound.”  or the “I followed the diet?”  Did you really???

Be honest with yourself or else your journey will end before it even has a chance to begin.




    1. I used to be the same way. I always thought, gee I am screwed if FitBit ever came out with a breath analyzer to track what you really are. Lol.
      It came down to I had to decide that if I am scared to record it then it is not worth eating?.

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