This month has not been the kindest to our family yet.

My Dad’s COPD flared up so he was admitted into the hopsital for a few days.  I think they undercut his stay but he was also anxious to leave.

My asthma was flared up and was put on antibiotics and steriods.

But as protocol when dad goes into hospital I pull out all the stops and sterilize the home:  where he sat, his breathing apparatuses, clothes, linens, the bathroom, kitchen, etc..

It is now the second week of April and we are under a snow cover.  It looks like dad may have to return for a stint at the nearest medical resort for a mini vacation.

This month I have have bouts of just feeeling drained.

Have you ever just felt so stressed and drained that all you want to do is sleep, lay around watching movies while snacking?

What motivates you to push on?

When you know you need to keep on track, what actually helps you to convince yourself to do so?

I continued on my track, went to my swim therapy classes for exercises and on weigh in day I saw a 2 pound loss.

I am trying to transition…hmm..maybe transition is not the right word…I am trying to become an emotional exerciser.  When the stress get rough, then I get tough.


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