I am so excited to announce that once again I have been sent to swim therapy.  The therapist states that it will take at least a year to get back to having core strength.  But for now I am enjoying my Aquatic Therapy.

I have always been as my mom called it a “water baby”, whch imeans I loved the water, when I would go swimming it was always so hard to get me out of the pool, lake or creek.

I used to always love just feeling free in the water as is lets you float like you are flying in water.

Not only is it peaceul and relaxing, but swimming is easier on your muscles and joints.  Because of the water’s bounancy you get more of a workout with less of the strain and pain.

Swimming is beneficial to your physical, emotional and mental well being.

Beinig disabled I often get depressed when I want to exercise but I can’t.  But even though I can not do regular physical exercises, I feel better and excited to be able to do aquatic therapy.

Remember:  Being able to do a little is way better than doing none!



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