With my disability I experience constant pain.  I kept telling my doctor that the pain was so bad that getting out of bed was a struggle.  He kept upping my Nuerotin meds, which helped for my nerve pain and burning sensations resulting from their damage, however I still had crippling pain, so crippling that I was hunched over in agony when I awoke.  One doctor put me on Naproxen but that did not help. Truthfully, I do not like the idea of being put on multiple pills and being a zombie all day.

So I took to the internet and began searching for a more natural help for my pain, then I came across a forum website where back pain and neuropthy suffers like myself had stated that adding a teaspoon of turmeric to your daily diet help with the pain.

So I began my day of taking a teaspoon of tumeric, usually in beverage like almond milk or a protien shake, in installments on my spoon when eating Yougurt and I have been known to jut put a whole teaspoon in my mouth drink some beverage and swallow.  A few minutes after ingesting it I could a slight warming in spots in my back.  Within an hour the pain was gone and I could stand up straight.

I have taken Turmeric everday for a week now and I can see a difference but better yet I can feel a difference. I am a proof positive believer that Turmeric is a great pain reliever.

Warning though, turmeric will temporarily color your tongue and possibly teeth, yellow.

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