I am trying to listen to my physical therapist and not go past what she tells me to do.  I have to learn patience, which I have with others just not myself.

It sucks to be disabled and have this inner athletic energy just wanting to burst out, but I can only do a minimum of this energ.

Mentally I know that if I push myself I will do worse and possible irrepairable damage, but my emotions are saying push it, don’t be lazy.

I hate being unable to do things and have to sit around.  Truthfully, there are times that I want to just nudge that borderline a tad, but when I do it sets me back as now I caused a delay of stretching and exercise because I pushed it too much the time before and my body hurts.  I know what it does as I have tried…many times.

I push and I am stuck in bed with a heating pad for hours and walking hunched over unable to straighten up when I need to pee, drink or eat.

So I am trying to learn patience and not overdue anything cuz in time I will be abe to do it ALL!

But it is driving me insane.

If I quit listening to my physical therapist and push myself I will be back to square one, yeah square one if I am lucky, are there negative squares?

My exercise like this WOE, once you start you must obey the rules and not try to cheat here or there.  Cuz one cheat can set you back more than you think.


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