When you decide to become more healthier, it is hard.  Your body detoxes and kicks out all of the remaining unhealthy junk. You feel like you are dying through that process.

You begin to exercise more or for some of us we actually start to exercise and literally fall over from exhaustion in just a short amount of time.  And its easy to just say,”Screw This” and give up.  So very easy.

But truth is to be healthy takes daily dilegence and you need to start with small steps and gradually increase your efforts.

You can’t start your exercise program by running a marathon.

You can’t lose all the weight you gain in the last 10 years overnight.

You can’t reach any desination if you don’t do the steps.

My physical therapist says that you should only increase your activity by 10% until your body has accustomated to the new level, then you increase it again by 10% and no more.  So lets say you do 10 minutes of walking the next time you only do 11  minutes.

Anything higher is what causes strains and pulled muscles.

So yes this journey is hard, but when you enter the path you need to have a realistic look and see the journey as it is, a long winding road of steps and challenges.



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