Not only is this good for life lessons, but it works with food for me.

Evil is starchy carbs, sugar, flour, etc as when I have some instantly I want more, I crave more sugar, more bread, more junk. I get greedy and start grabbing all the sugar and bread products in site.

The next day, I try to get back on track and instantly my mood switches as it is withdrawaling.  My mood gets angry from withdrawal, I drool in envy as others can eat it but I can’t, I start to resent thoses who can eat it, I may throw out a few negative comments like, “Skinny Bitch!”

Oh why am I such a slave to the carbs?  Why am I so weak and inferiot to its powers.  Suddenly again I cave and relapse into a piece of cake, a cookie, of course I will lie if anyone asks and say “It’s a new low carb recipe!”

If I eat carbs I feed the evil and I start acting unlike myself and I go overboard carb crazy. Then I beat myself up from eating the wrong stuff.

Remember, they need to make evil things look so delicious and tempting just to make money for themselves.  Money for themselves which has nothing to do with what is best for our bodies


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