Yes I am Muslim, however, I do also observe Lent and Christmas and Thanksgiving.  My mom was Catholic and to her those holidays were a big deal.  So maybe I still partake in her holidays to feel closer to her, that perhaps she is looking down on me and seeing me partaking in Lent makes her feel happy.

In my eyes nothing is wrong with that, I am strong in my religion, but I also do love knowing about the practices in everyone elses religion.  I am very accepting of others, which helps lower the hatred in this world.  I can’t be held responsible for others, but I can be held responsible for my own acts.  All it takes is one person to positively change their ways so a domino effect occurs.

As I posted earlier this month, I have been donating a piece of clothing everyday for lent.  It cleans out my closet but helps someone in need.

So as according to the picture:

I’m Carrie a Muslim American in solidarity, next 40 days, No keeping clothes that I no longer wear, that are keeping residence in my drawers and closet causing a lack of space for new slimmer fitting items.




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