Finally, today ater about 3 months of struggle I have officially reached my 20 pounds lost n the road of…you know what, it doesn’t matter how long the road is as long as you don’t give up on the walk.

My reward at this goal was a shirt made with my Blog image and name.  The shirt is an XL and its worn over a long sleeved bulky shirt i was wearing.  I am amsued that I am not only wearing an XL, OMG but I am doing so OVER another shirt.  Double Victory.

No matter your goal, whether it be to be healthier, lose weight, build strength.  Don’t ever give up, stay focused, cuz one day you will attain that goal and the taste of that is better than any other thing in the world.



One thought on “20 POUNDS DOWN!!!

  1. I'm a wanderer for sure! Hence the necessity for a craft room. I have so much stuff, the worst part is forgetting I already have something and get home from the store and bam i have 10 haha … sometimes this gives me a great excuse to share with my friends and family though so it's a win win situation!-Jacque @tgclIYvilDahe.eom


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