So its the end of the year.
Which means there are lots of temptations.
Candy, parties, pies, cakes, cookies…the list goes on..

This month’s challenge is geared towards staying on track.
Every morsel you put into your mouth you must measure out and count, whether you decide to splurge or cheat, RECORD IT ALL.
During the holidays it is easy to just eat and not take into consideration what we are ingesting until we have ingested way too much.
Measuring helps us take responsiblity for what we are consuming.
So this month, track your food, water, vitamins, etc..whatever goes into your mouth must be accounted for.

You can record the old fashioned way with a food diary or use one of the many free weight loss websites that offer a tracking system, such as, fitness pal or

Let’s record the days.


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