So one of my Muslim sisters is a single mom, with 5 kids.  She is on state assistance.  Even though she lives within the vicinty of local halal markets, she confided in me that she that buys regualer beef and chicken at the local grocery store as it is cheaper than halal meat to purchase and she needs to stretch that money as far as she can.

I asked her, “What do when you eat it?”

She stated that she does a prayer over the food beore she cooks it.  Then of course before they eat is they say Bismallah.

She states that she is fine with doing it as the main thing is providing food for her children.

In my eyes, I completely see her side.  Food is expensive.  She is a single parent of 5 kids, plus her own mouth to feed.  Food Assistance only provides so much money and yes going to a halal store their food is more expensive.  You can only eat so much canned tuna and kosher hot dogs that are carried in regualr gocery stores.  Food Pantries very rarely offer halal choices.

However, for people who do not live close to any halal markets I did find this, “According to what I have read, it is ok to eat non-halal meat if you are living in a non muslim country, before you eat it you must say “Bismillah ir Rahman arRaheem though. It is a controversial issue among the scholars but the majority of scholars from the 4 major schools agree on this and they also say that first u must have tried to find a halal store but if you could not find then it is ok. And as long as it is meat from a Christian or a Jew (Jews slaughter their animals very similar to Muslims), but not from non-monotheistic religions or atheist. They also state that you should familiarize yourself with the slaughter method. Here is a clear verse from the Holy Qur’an which scholars base their answer on: “Today, I have permitted for you all good things, and the food of the People of the Book is permissible for you, and your food is permissible for them.” (Al-Ma’idah: 5) Allahu Alaam (Allah knows best). Here is some advice, Islam is simple, we tend to make it harder then what it is and it is our intentions that matter. So as long as you have good intentions in this issue (and all things) it will be counted towards us in the end.”

I am not by any means judging her, I understand her side, completely I do.

Would you ever eat haram(Not including pork, pork is always a no-no) if your finances were cut to a minimal?

Would you change your way of eating to accomdate being able to buy Halal?  For example, would you buy rice, beans, lentils, etc. which are cheaper and not low carb to eat just so you are eating halal and can now afford halal meats?

What would you do if you moved to an area that had no halal markets in the vicinity?

I understand that Some people are blessed enough to live in a community where not only is there halal food available but there is Muslim fellowship, Mosques, schools, clothing stores, etc.  More people are blessed enough to afford the items in Mulsim communities.

Has anyone ever wondered why is it that Halal groceries are much higher priced than the competing haram stores?


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