You will hear mixed reviews on this topic.  You are on a low carb diet, should you make sure your proteins are lean?  Some people say no, some say yes.  Truth is you are the judge in your own case. Our bodies vary on what is good and works for me, may not work and be beneficial for you.  Lean meats are lower in saturated fats. What does that mean?

A diet high in saturated fat has been associated with increased risk of disease. Eating saturated fat can raise the levels of low-density “bad” cholesterol in your blood, and over time high levels of this cholesterol can lead to a narrowing and hardening of your arteries. Also saturated fat has long been associated with high blood pressure, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease. Eating high-fat meats might also increase your risk for some types of cancer. For example, large intakes of animal fat may correlate with an increased incidence of breast cancer, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.

I, myself, am worried about my cholesterol and blood pressure as it runs in my family, so I choose the leaner cuts of meat. As I watch my intake of eggs.  I would rather get my fats, from healthy sources.  Truthfully, just the thought of having a taste of animal fat or as some people call it, gristle, in my mouth just does no appeal to me

Also something to consider is that leaner cuts of meat have less calories than its fattier counterparts.

If you are not sure which cuts of meat that you should be ingesting, before you do choose, go over it with a doctor or nutritionist.  Better to be safe than sorry.  The goal is overall health not just weight loss.


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