OK you are helping an elderly neighbor in need.  The neighbor wants to show you their gratitude.  
They have gone to the store and bought the ingredients for and have made you some homemade soup.

They invite you over and ask you to sit down and enjoy a bowl with them, as you stir your spoon in the bowl you see that the soup is actually something you can not eat.  So you have this homemade soup that you know this person is on a fixed income and spent pretty much all of their alloted money on to make. The neighbor personally made this soup with you in mind and with thoughts of loving care. So if you don’t eat it then you feel like you are being unappreciative of the effort and thought in the gift and the neighbor is disappointed and feels like saddened and rejected that you accept their gift that they worked hard on for you.

So what would you do?

As a Muslim, what if the soup had pork in it?


3 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

  1. Whoa, this is tough lol. I think I would fake eat it, smile hugely and thank the kind neighbor for graciously making the soup for me. Then I would ask if I could possibly take the bowl of “leftover” soup (lol) with me because I needed to leave. If he/she says yes, I’d give the bowl to a person who would be able to eat it, maybe a homeless person who hasn’t eaten, and tell them I didn’t eat it (which is true :)) because it has pork in it. Then return the bowl to the neighbor the next day, thanking them again.

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      1. I’m a horrible actor! 🙂 Lol but I feel as though *acting* like I’m eating it would be better than to deny the gift of someone. I’m not so sure what the Islamic perspective of this situation would be though. I was just thinking about when Prophet (saw) was given food to eat that wasn’t necessarily tasty, he would still eat it, and compliment it; all without the other person knowing that there was something wrong. This is a different case though, but I think I would most probably fake eat, especially if it was a much older person. – I’m looking too deep into this…lol.


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