Are you ready?

Are you gain?

What is your favorite song?  You have that sone in your head?  Well go get it set up on Youtube, Ipod, whatever music device you use and listen to it.  You know the lyrics so well that you can lip sync them.

Now for the rest of the challenge:  For the last 2 months I have asked you to do exercises.  Get your body moving.  I know we all have restrcitions that is why I had you choose the exercises that were fit for you.

September it was to dedicate each week to work out a different body part.

October you took those exercises and did one movement of all 4 in a roll, which makes it one rep then continue reps until you were tired, each week building up your time and doing more reps.

Well, it is now November and you will keep moving.  Those reps you did you are going to continue doing them only this time you will do it to your favorite song.  You must do those reps and those reps only, I will allow some adjustments like jazz hands at the end of lighting arms weights or a shimmy added to march in place.  But you must keep those reps present in the routine.  You are choreographing your own dance, so have fun with it.

Each day you will do your new dance.

When you start don’t worry if you can’t exercise through the whole song, its ok, you just sit down, relax and go back at it tomorrow.  You continue each day so that by the end of the month you can do a routine to the whole song.


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