Now I am not condoning the thought that if you eat a piece of candy its ok as long as you work out.

Eating candy is not an option as it does do more damage to your body, but this is the season that everywhere you look you see CANDY.

Set your willpower phazers on high and put up your force shield for the rest of this year.

You can do it.

This chart shows what each candy bar is worth energy wise.  Just think how much healtier you would be if you did the exercise and not eaten crap food.

So here is a small Holiday Challenge.  For every piece of candy you are offered, decline the candy, but still do the attached workout. For example, if you are offered a Reese’s peanut butter cup, decline it but commit to doing those 10 minuts of spinning.

Doing the exercise keeps you busy, you will not think about the candy and it will actually get you past the time limit of that sugar craving.

Whenyou are done with the exercise, drink your water you will not want that bar.

Temptation conquered!

Happy Dance Time!!

Go YOU!!!!


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