So for the last week I have been having worse back pain then normal.  My scoliosis and DDD is acting up freezing up my whole back, which is strange as it has not turned that cold outdoors yet and I have not done anything out of the ordinary. Oh well, no reason to waste time wondering what I did I have to wonder how to help it so I can get back to being able to stand upright.

So I lay in bed, straight with a heating pad on my back, for hours, which feels good until I try to move.  I walk out of my room hunched over worse than Quasimodo.

I hate just laying around, I have to be moving.  I feel like if i ain’t moving, I ain’t living.  I have always been that way growing up.  Whenever I was sick, I hated to stay home, in the house or lay in bed sleeping or watching SMUT TV, as i call it, but you know it as Jerry Springer, Maury, etc.

So the doctor decided to help with my woes, my medication has been upped.  Which I hate as the side effects of both meds is weight gain.

WEIGHT GAIN????  *#*#*#*#*  Seriously!!

So, I can not work out yet, I have to wait for the meds to work their magic, meanwhile the side effects are starting their wonders.  I shake my head in bewilderment as why do I tell these doctors I am trying hard to lose weight and their solution is to give me meds that make me gain!!!

I know my mobility is usually very limited, but to not be able to do anything movement wise, SUCKS!!!

I am praying this is just another God placed hurdle, test if you will, that I soon will get over and back to being able to do my “work out”.

I still eat on plan, which is a victory all in itself as being so disappointed and feeling defeated I get depressed, begin to feel like a failure, causing me to turn to my comfort, food, to numb my feelings, rustration, mental pain.  Isn’t it amazing how mental pain can hurt us more than anything physical?

But I am doing good, staying on track foodwise.

Even when you get sidelined, you can still remain on the path of your journey.

When life throws you lemons you make lemonade, with sweetner not sugar.


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