I have lately gone to making bulletproof tea.

It truly does keep me feeling full longer.



  1. I have been on a pattern of having it most mornings and then going off to do my morning workout. It’s pretty amazing the energy you get from bullet proof coffee or tea. In my opinion it probably works well on those of us who are already on ketosis. Not sure if someone who just wants to try and eats a carb loaded diet would have the same results. Just my two cents 😉

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    1. I have just started making bulletproof tea. It not only gives energy but makes me fill fuller longerlonger. Makes me wonder why did I wait so long to try it..then I remember oh yeah cuz my doctors also said how bad fats were to my body. Sometimes I feel we know more than our own doctors about what is best for our bodies.

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      1. Ugh, so true. Stupid low-fat nonsense. My doctors thankfully are wise to eating low carb. Plus the changes that he has seen in my life and that of my husband speak for themselves. I was just at my primary Doctor’s office and he told me I needed to write a book lol. I gave him my blog card 😝 be well and enjoy your bulletproof tea 💗💕

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