As you all know as I an openly honest about it, I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I am happy(woo-hoo let’s celebrate), I eat when i am sad (this chocolate will cheer me up) and mostly I eat when I am angry(yes, this is how I get even for so and so hurting me, I am going to stuff this piece of cake in my mouth).  Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Along our journey, some our only victories are not measured in pounds or ounces.  It is seen in our clothes, our body and our attitude.

I have been engaged to this wonderful man, in my eyes he is the best match for me and I am thankful Allah has placed us into each other’s life.

Well we were conversing last night via internet, it was his birthday, I posted on his social media page, “Happy birthday”.  He may not celebrate his birthday, but I always celebrate his birthday as that was they day Allah decided to put the most wonderful man on this planet.  On that day I praise God and celebrate the birth of his wonderful creation.

Afterwards, I noticed that another female had posted a birthday message to my beloved, however, hers was on a more personal and intimate level.  Upon asking my beloved what was that,  I stated he was cheating.  He denied it and proclaimed he has been faithful to me and that he has never been alone with this girl, she is just a friend, a girlfriend of his buddy.  I told him when another girl has intimate feelings for you and she freely expresses them to you like that, when you allow it, that is cheating.  I, as your future wife, should be the only one feeling those emotions of intimate love for you.  He was not understanding how hurt I was.

After the conversation, I was so upset, angry and depressed.  Usually when I feel those emotional, the stress drives me to indulge and regret my actions later.

However, I didn’t.  I fought through my urges, my habit, my innate nature to binge.  I calmly inhaled, refocused and read some hadiths.  Then before I knew it, I was past that moment of intense craving.  I fought the evil by looking towards God.

Congrats to me and thank you ALLAH for not leaving me in my darkest of times.

What NWLV moments have you encountered?


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