Are you getting frustrated?  The new way of eating too time consuming?  You don’t have time to work out?

You have heard the excuses, in fact you may have even spoke them yourself.  But that is all they are excuses, they are not a true reason, but made up lies that give you an escape. They are lies you tell yourself to make you feel better about giving up.  But truth is if you truly want something you fight for it and never give up.

You are in the predicament you are in currently because you gave up and didn’t care.  Your weight gain, diabetes, hypertension that did not happen because you were fighting, they happened because you weren’t.

You can make the excuses of not having time for this way of life right now, however, where will you be when you finally do have time?   When you finally have free time, will your health still be repairable?


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