My friend is losing more weight then me, I am so frustrated, what are they doing that I am not, this diet is no working for me.  Does this sound familiar?  How many times have you said this?  How many times have you actually gave up a diet because your weren’t losing weight like your friends?  Did you figure out what mistake you were making?  I will give you a hint and you will kick yourself for not realizing it for yourself.

Your mistake is simple.  YOU DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!

When you compare yourself to other’s progress you are only destroying yourself and your efforts.  We were created as individuals for a reason, our bodies operate differently then the person next to us.  We have different feeling, emotions, memories, experiences and thoughts.  We are all different sizes and different body composition, so why would you assume that someone would lose weight the same as you would.

Here’s a secret, men always lose weight more quickly and in larger amounts then women.  Nothing we can do, facts are facts.  Men have a higher muscular build than women, hence they lose fat quicker.

Truth is all we can do is ourselves, we can be happy for our friends and support them throughout their journey, as we would want them to support us, however we can’t compare ourselves to them, we are all on our own separate journey.  By doing so, comparing ourselves to others, only sets you up to fail. You will get discouraged and frustrated seeing someone losing more even though you are on the same diet. So when you catch yourself comparing and getting discouraged, STOP and refocus yourself on what you have accomplished.  Turn a negative into a positive.  Remember, Allah created us to inspire each other in good ways.

Look at the positive possibilities before succumbing to the negative nasties.

Have you ever caught yourself in the same situation as mentioned, what did you do to turn yourself back on focusing on you?


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