OK you remember September’s challenge?  Each week you were to choose a different body part to exercise. You would start with as much as you could do then slowly increase it, for a week.  Then the next week you did a different exercise with a different body part. So by the end of the month you had 4 different exercises?

OK this month take those four exercises and do them one exercise or one group one time, then you do a different exercise from another week. So that you have four different moves.  One rep equal 4 exercises that consists of one movement from each week.

So my 4 groups were calves, upper arms, thighs and waist.  So now my new challenge is to do one calves, upper arm, thigh and then waist and repeat those exercises one group at a time all four groups and repeat until you tire out then you slowly increase time of reps by end of month.

You already proved last month that you were able to move what you wanted to always work out.  You proved you could do it.  So this month just continues that motto.  YOU CAN DO IT!




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